Is it possible to use other approved Catholic translations at liturgy?


I am guessing that the answer to this is “no,” but I will throw it out there anyway.

Is it possible to get permission (say for a wedding or funeral liturgy) to have the Scripture readings read from another approved Catholic translation, such as the RSV-CE or Dhouay-Reims? I am curious, just because I have never cared for the NAB translation that is currently used at all the Masses.


You can only use a translation that has been approved for use in Liturgy in the country where you are. In the US that would be the adapted NAB, in Canada the adapted NRSV, in Wales & England and many of the other English-speaking countries it’s the adapted Jerusalem Bible. In a non-English speaking country you would be free to use any of the above if Mass was being celebrated in English.



The readings must be from the approved Lectionary.

From the General Introduction for the Lectionary:
111. In the liturgical assembly the word of God must always be read either from the Latin texts prepared by the Holy See or from vernacular translations approved for liturgical use by the Conferences of Bishops, according to existing norms.

In theory, the conference of bishops could authorize different versions, but this simply isn’t the case.

Yes, the readings could also be from the Latin Typical edition, but that wasn’t what you asked. I just put that out there because I know someone would chime in with it sooner or later.


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