Is it really a sin to shop in a sunday?


So I was reading an “examination of conscience” paper and under the third commandment it says: "Have I bought or sold things not of necessity on Sunday and Holy Days of obligation?"

Is it a sin to shop on a Sunday? I don’t feel like it is… maybe it encourages others to do unnecessary work on a sunday. Then again, I see people selling things outside the church after mass.


I’m looking at your posting history and it appears to all be qyestions of whether or not something is a sin. That makes me wonder if you might have Scrupulosity, the tendency to think things that aren’t sins are sins and that venial sins are grave matter. If you do have Scrupulosity, this forum is a horrible place for you to seek help. It would be much better to arrange a meeting with a priest and talk to him about all your “Is this a sin?” questions because he has the training from the seminary and in-the-field experience to help you. Whereas asking strangers on the internet could lead you to have greater issues with Scrupulosity and receive bad advice.


Well here is what one priest said so I guess it is…

Also the vatican and catholic bishops are against sunday shopping.

I just need a simple reasonable answer and I think this is it.


It’s still better to find your answers with your parish priest, rather a television station, a newspaper, or a website. Just because you found two sources that agree with you doesn’t mean they represent the true teaching of the Church.

Seriously, talk with your pastor about these things.


The answer should be consistent with all the catholic priests and bishops. So my parish priest should have the same answer as the bishops in the Vatican when it comes to what is a sin.

That being said, I suppose I can talk to my parish priest just for some counseling in this subject.


Placing unnecessary demands on others on Sunday is frowned upon by the Church (CCC), but not by Americans.

In Italy, there are towns where no store is open on Sunday. Rather, families get together and cook 7 course meals and enjoy wine.


If your shopping for smokes and whiskey and beer -
Then I’d say yes :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I’d rather brew my own and share it with family.


It depends on your location. If a large percentage of your city is Catholic, then you should avoid shopping on Sunday. Otherwise you would support their non-Catholic competition and put pressure on your fellow Catholics to work Sundays.

But if you’re like me, and you live in a city highly populated by Eastern cultures and atheists, chances are the stores and restaurants I visit are not owned by Catholics. So staying home would have no effect, and I’m not going to convert anyone by staying home. I won’t work myself, but that’s it.


Trust your local priest. He’ll know the situation better. And the best way to know his understanding is to ask him.


Did you read the answer from the EWTN priest? He said buying something that’s not necessary on a Sunday might be a venial sin. Only you can decide if what you need is necessary or not when it comes to purchasing something on a Sunday.


So purchasing matinee tickets to see a matinee movie with friends and family on a Sunday after mass is sin?

How about having Sunday brunch after mass? Still sin?



If this is indeed a sin, then it means me and my family members and a large number od people in my country are repeatedly committing this sin, because people here shop on Sundays, and to to Mass in chapels located in shopping malls…


May I ask, where does it say in the Catechism that it is a sin?

I do not have a copy of it, hence the question.


I don’t think it is a sin to shop on Sunday, but I think it is a spiritually healthy thing to try to avoid it. What is sinful is to neglect your duty to God on Sundays. If you have to stop and pick up milk or asprin that’s not a big deal. If you devote every Sunday to couponing, that might be a problem for your spirituality.


Our Vincent de Paul Store is open on Sunday.


We are supposed to set aside a day of the week to devote to God. If we are working then that is a problem. If we are making others to work then that is a problem. There are obvious exceptions for necessary services (police, firemen, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, hotels, some restaurants etc).

My family has been practicing not shopping on Sundays for many years now. It has been a blessing to us. Modern culture has abandoned the idea of rest, so you’ll find a lot of people who say this is no big deal. But it is a big deal.


Sometimes I just don’t like shopping or fighting the crowds at Walmart at all. However, it may be the only time I and many others have the time or opportunity to shop. Also, Sunday is a day of rest and a lot of people enjoy window shopping, eating out and just hobnobbing with the rest of society after Mass. We are social creatures. We may be providing an income for those who may need to work, find extra work or are dependent on customer tipping. And…just to remind everyone…if your ox falls into a ditch your supposed to grab your ox and pull the ox out of the ditch and not wait 'til Monday. The question of shopping on Sunday has been brought forth many times. There are different answers or solutions to different scenarios.


This sounds really nice


It should be, however it isn’t sometimes. So it is good to take a look at the CCC too.

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