Is it really easier for introverts to enjoy times of silence?

Is it really easier for introverts to enjoy times of silence?

Let me explain. I am an introvert and often very anxious. I am often very restless and my mind wanders away easily. This is the experience of many introverts. Some have said that spiritual and psychological exercises with a lot of silence is easier for introverts. We are supposed to be good at this whereas extroverts are supposed to not so good at it. To me it seems that ambiverts are more balanced and better at it. The exercice of readibg books is not easy for me although I am introverted. Just being in a silent rooom reading a book. I do think that introvers might need less external stimuli or they will feel drained but I highly doubt that they are better at it. Also, introverts often need outer stimuli or help from other people in order not to get too inward focused. Introverts are often restless and might in fact not be good herrmits. What answer do you give me?

The introvert/extrovert thing is not super precise. I wouldn’t put a ton of stock in it.


I agree. And we all should be moving toward balance anyway…introverts able to be public and outgoing, extroverts able to be quiet and contemplative. We each can have the fullness of life and complete in Christ.

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As an introvert I love times of silence. I frequently stop by a church on my way home to pray alone.

In comparison with what my extroverted friends have said I do think silence is easier for me than it is for them but I wouldn’t apply my experiences universally.


I would say it´s probably more a thing connected to your personality.
But I do indeed think that introverts have it more naturally to be silent, at least while in company with others.

Many introverts I know are very restless or anxious. They seem to need more silence but not being better at it enjoying it.
But many of them have psycholohical issue with being anxious and restless.
Do you think that introverts can be to introverted, ie non-balanced?

I would say that contemplative silence is more about spirituality than psychology. There are people who argue that introverts are more suited for contemplative spirituality. I just don’t really agree.
I am not sure that we introverts are naturally silent. Not interiorly anyway.
So what do you mean?

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Some introverts seems to be more comfortable with silence. I don´t know if it´s the stereotype or not, but it´s my impression.

Silence can be rough if you have intrusive thoughts.


Of course it is not precise as the theory of personality was formulated by Carl Jung.

At least there are 16 different types rather than just 3 (introverts, extroverts and ambiverts) in MBTI.

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I was actually saying that introverts are often thinkers which can destroy the beauty of silence. I am myself a restless guy. Many introverts just wanna go alobg with some of their thaughts eg studying a subject in depth. They can be restless untill they solve an issue they have with that subject. It could be a theological question they just have an issue with. They just get forced to think about it. This is true for some introverts.
The thing is: spiritual exercices are often suoposed to be times of no thought. This is what some teach. In adoration you just kneel in interior sioence for at least 30 min.
If you started to analyse what is going on in adoration then maybe you have a problem but we don’t need interior emptiness. We can’t stop thinking. In fact, no spiritual director ever told me to stop think (maybe stop over-analysing).
I think introverts in general need more silence but then with lots of scheduled silence. In our age silences is taught this way: if you sit in silence then you have takem away the outer stimuli the interior silence will come. But it is not true. Silence may come if you exam your conscience (but not always as one can have psychological difficulties).
I agree with Fulton Sheen that it is very bad to flee from your conscience. People would be mutch healthier if they confessed their sins.
Well, anyway, what are we to make of this?

Any personality type can go to extreme.
Like some extroverts need to be the center of attention all the time. That’s not healthy, either.

You need to take stock of your own traits and determine what’s good for you, and the areas where you’re weaker and need some modifying.


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