Is it really something Mary would do?

There have been commercials for Viagra featuring women, sitting on a bed, talking to obviously male viewers. In your opinion, is this a decent thing for these women to do? Is it something Mary would do? Obviously, no. I view this as terribly immoral. In my opinion, if the woman was Mary-like, she would refuse to do a commercial like this. I just wondered what others on this forum thought. I just think it’s one more way us ladies are being used as sex-pushing, enticing objects. Is this just plain wrong? Do you really think Mary would approve?

I don’t think Mary would do it because she was a perpetual Virgin, so she surely wouldn’t be in a commercial relating to sex…:shrug:

I’m not sure if it’s immoral though. ED is a health problem and it’s not wrong for men to want to fix it. So I don’t think it would be wrong for a woman to be in the commercial for it. That’s just my :twocents:

These are actresses advertising a legitimate product. The Viagra commercials are in good taste compared to some of the sleazy ads I have seen lately for “other products”.

To me, though, it isn’t what the product is, but rather the intention behind it. The woman “talking” to the male audience is obviously portraying someone who wants to lure them into her bed. She is sitting on a bed, talking to them seductively. The intention is what is wrong. Since this is for men, I think the more appropriate approach would be to have a male announcer’s voice doing the ad, while showing couples walking together on the beach, or some such a thing. That was the way ads for this product used to be.

I think that there are way too many commercials for prescription pharmaceutical products period. However, the ED commercials are the worst. It seems to me inappropriate for these companies to be marketing to patients rather than to physicians. They are trying to create demand for potentially dangerous medications so that patients pressure their physicians for a prescription.

No, Mary would not.

She is the epitome of purity and virtue.

Personally, I dislike these commercials and others like them. Especially when they are on a so called family channel–and a young child is present.

Private issues should be private, not on network tv…but this is another thread.:frowning:

As if!

I agree, these pharmaceutical commercials try to make us think we need these meds whether we really do or not.

Have you ever felt sleepy? Well, you might have such and such diesease and should probably be on this med…(quickly and quietly)…that most likely wil cause some other worse problem for you, and then we can sell you some other medicine for that.

Sometimes I’m made to wonder if this is a lot of hogwash. The whole Western culture is not only obsessed but swallowed up in all things sex, sex, sex. There are no women’s magazines anymore, except maybe for “Redbook” and “Woman’s World” that aren’t disgusting. “Shape” and “Women’s Health” are horrible. And what is it with the “look” lately being of women posing on these covers with breasts bursting out of their bras, bare torsos, and, most vulgar of all, pulling down on the sides of their already low pants or skirt or whatever the hell they’re wearing? I couldn’t believe it. Every single one of those women, in the same poses, the same kind of horrid outfits. What happened to a model wearing a nice little dress or something? Cute and pretty and flirty, without being downright VULGAR…:rolleyes: Oh, and the current issue of “Women’s Health” is: “This year’s sexiest sex position!” Okay…I’m sure the five-thousand different ways you had last month were supposed to be “the best”. Every one of these mags is sure to have the words “HOT” “BODY” and “SEX” written somewhere on their covers. It’s just sickening. I don’t get the obsession. I think they’re insatiable lust gluttons. Why aren’t they ever satisfied? Is sex morning, noon, and night the only thing they do or think about? I mean, really. Is this realistic?

Viagra for women?


I fell asleep during science lessons.

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