Is it required to confess if you couldn't make mass with a Legitimate reason

Hello people, I know I put up the same status a lot and this is cause I am scrupulous. I couldn’t get to the morning or Saturday masses and the Sunday mass at another Parish my parents won’t allow me to go, I’m unfortunately in a stalemate and cannot go to mass. Do I still have to confess it even though I had a legitimate excuse?

No, if you have a legitimate reason you don’t have to confess,
Legitimate reasons might include: being too sick to go, (feeling too ill, or liable to infect others),
having to care for children or elderly or ill people.
having no transportation,
and in the case of a minor, not being allowed by one’s parents,
Basically, if you really want to go but can’t, it should be covered.

It’s hard being a minor, wanting to go to Church but parents cannot let me! Its a struggle.

If you are scrupulous, you should try and talk to a priest about finding a spiritual director.

If I understand this right that you cannot drive to another town because you cannot legally drive and your parents won’t take you, I cannot possibly see how that’s a mortal sin or even a sin in and of itself.

I would see if you can watch Mass on TV and/or say some extra prayers, do the readings for the day, those sorts of things. Just keep Sunday holy without having to worry about going to Mass in your case.

I agree with what others have written on this site but will add a bit of advice that I learned in a Jesuit Parochial school about 70 years ago: When in doubt, confess. Let the priest determine whether the act was a sin or not. That is part of his job.

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