Is it right that my son was baptized without my knowledge?

It’s along story however my ex partner ended our relationship after being 3 months pregnant due to her other son not being able to share his mum. I did not see her until she texted me that she had given birth to a baby ( Not son but baby with no details)
I then visited him and have kept up contact ever since increasing the visits from once a week to now, where i am having him everyother friday and then everyother sat to monday morning. I have not let him down on the visits because he is my son and I am trying to be the best father possible with the circumstances.
However my ex would not put me onto the birth cert. until my son was baptized without my knowledge. I had no problem with him being catholic, I am Church of England but at the end of the day there is only one God but many religions.
My question is, Is it right in the eyes of the catholic church to have a child baptised where the mother knows that the father is part of his son’s life and always will be ? When I found out and I asked my ex partner she could not see what was wrong ?

Ideally both parents would be on the same page when it comes to the religious education of a child. In cases where parents are not married, the general policy of most dioceses is to follow the wishes of the parent who has primary custody. In this particular situation not only did the child’s mother have primary custody but the priest may not have even known you were in the picture since you weren’t even on the birth certificate. Open communication and honesty are the best ingredients to any human relationship and I would hope that you and the child’s mother will be able to work together for what’s best for your son.
I commend you for being an active father for your son and will keep you all in my prayers.

God bless.

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