Is it right to deny Jesus?


I’m struggling and I’m hoping your comments might help. I feel that Jesus came for the sinners (all of us). I think that the Catholic Church’s teachings are right on the target. People should know that for communion we are receiving Jesus Christ and we should be in a state of grace. I strongly believe that the Church should continue to teach this fact to the point of defending the Host from any enemys, but would Jesus deny himself from the "John Kerry’s."
I read a thread a few weeks ago about possibly putting unconsecrated hosts to be distributed to the people that take the stand of pro-abortion and it got me thinking. If someone gave me an unconsecrated host, by accident, and if I was in a state of grace, what’s to say that God wouldn’t make that piece of bread his body through my faith. I would have been under the impression that the sacrifice was made at the priests hands.
On the other hand a whole lot of so-called Catholics don’t know that the bread and wine turn into the body and blood of Jesus. A lot take it for granted. Does this really mean that they are recieving Jesus? Their faith is the one telling them that Jesus is in or is not in communion.
I’ve heard of cases where Devil worshipers try to steal the Eucharist, and a lot of people might think they can put a hold on Jesus to the extent of “Devil worshipers” using the Eucharist for what ever ritual they can think of, but isn’t the hatred for Jesus the sin, instead of the fact they may be doing the whatever they do with the Eucharist?
My point is that the Church should continue to emphasize that Jesus is what we are receiving at communion and that we should be in a worthy state, but doesn’t it seem wrong that if we as a church teach the truth but the ones that don’t understand should be denied of Christ when they might be the ones that need him the most. It seems to me sometimes that even as Catholics we want to put a hold on Jesus saying, “This is my Jesus and I am going to give it to whom I think is fit.” Please, I don’t mean to sound blasphemous. I’m just trying to learn more.


Dear Teles,

What’s to say that God wouldn’t make that piece of bread His body through your faith? Well, the Catholic Church for one. How we feel or what we believe about the bread and the wine has absolutely no power to change them into the Body and Blood of Jesus in the Eucharist. Only Jesus has that power which He exercises through His priests.

One’s faith or lack of it has no effect on the reality of the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. To think otherwise is heresy.

Sneaking unconsecrated bread as the Eucharist to pro-abortion Catholics makes no sense whatsoever. The point of denying the Eucharist to those who publicly support abortion is not to protect Jesus—God does not need our protection. It is to acknowledge the sacrilege of people receiving the Body and Blood of Christ while in the putrid state of mortal sin. When Satanists acquire a consecrated Host, it is to dishonor God because Satan despises God. We ought to do everything in our power to see that God is honored—not dishonored.

Withholding the Eucharist from Catholics who publicly support abortion is a matter of teaching them the seriousness of the evil they are choosing to perpetrate. It is not a matter of their not understanding that it is wrong. It’s a matter of their refusing to acknowledge the reality of the evil they are supporting. For them to receive the Eucharist while in the state of mortal sin dishonors God and is a further mortal sin on their souls—to say nothing of their indirect public approval it gives to their sinful actions.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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