Is it right to mislead children?

Issue 1: Dr Ray made a remark during the holidays about teaching his children to go to only the homes that give out bigger goodies, to save time. Now to me this is poor teaching. There are those who wish to do good for the little ones, that do this halloween activety. There are people that give what they can afford, even if it is small items. A child should be teached to be greatful for what they receive, big or small. Remember an old woman gave all she had and Jesus glorified her above the others. What she had was very little.
Issue 2:Dr Colleen (not sure on the spelling) gave bad info to a 10 yr old girl to have a private discussion with an immature adult male on him teasing her about visiting a freind that is a boy. We as adults ourselves should never give advice to a child that could endanger thier lives. We know nothing of this man that she told her to talk to.Except for the fact that he teases a 10 yr old girl. What is your view on these to issues? Thanks, Anthony

Dear l,

Dr. Ray was joking. Sometimes his humor can hard to recognize by some. He would really never teach his children to discriminate against those who have less.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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