Is it right to pray that my wife is not pregnant when she was unfaithful

Hello…I am doing this for the first time and I do not know if I am doing the right thing or not. I want to lift up my wife in prayer. We have been married for 8 years and have 3 beautiful children together. over the past two months she has become very dangerous with her behavior. She was leaving the house and leaving the kids with me of course but she would be out all night and I would not know where she was at. She was drinking heavily and would not come home until the early morning and a few times not at all. We began taking her to Doctors, the ER, AA, and many other places trying to figure out what was going on with her behavior. We found out 3 weeks ago when we were referred to a great Catholic Psychiatrist that she is bi-polar and has been having massive manic attacks and very low lows. Here’s the part I need help with. She recently (4 days ago) confided in me that during her manic sessions she had unprotected sex with 2 different guys. The problem lies in that we don’t know if she is pregnant or has any STD’s because all the blood tests we have done were too early to tell. This is the part I don’t know if I am right in asking God not for her to be pregnant or have any STD’s. Please I am asking for help with prayers. I pray to God every minute of the day that she is not pregnant or have an diseases. Please help if you feel you are called to do so. In God’s name I pray. Amen

Of course you can pray for that. I would be!
If she is out of her will during these attacks she needs 24 hour care. She shouldn’t be driving!!!

Praying for her healing and that of your family.

Is your wife now getting the help and medication she will need to combat this?

We are working with a Psychiatrist but she is not taking her medication because she wants to find out if she is pregnant or not first.

Uh that would be weird if you were hoping she was pregnant after infidelity… It’s only naturally to hope she isn’t.

Whatever you pray, just remember to add, “…nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.” (Luke 22:42)

Eh, God’s will is rarely one that would include broken families for children.
And technically she either is or isn’t pregnant now. We just don’t know yet.
I’m concerned that someone that has no control over thier actions might be able to get out for hours on end overnight.

That can be dangerous especially if no medication is being taken that has been prescribed.
We can’t know the exact circumstances but having someone committed to a facility for thier safety might be necessary.

Hi blazerbrazil,

I’m so very sorry that you’re going through this. :frowning:

My heart really goes out to you. :heart:

I know what it’s like to have family members who are bi-polar, and who won’t take medication and who won’t follow treatment, either. It’s really painful to see.

Prayers offered for your family.

May God bless all of you, and watch over all of you, too. :grouphug:

I am sorry to hear that you are in this difficult situation. I think it’s perfectly fine to pray she is not pregnant and has no STD’s. I’m happy to hear you are working with a psychiatrist and hope soon a treatment plan may be put in place to help your wife with bipolar disorder. I will also pray for your wife and children as well.

God Bless,

My neighbor is bi-polar and needs prayers for wanting to do harm to himself and maybe his wife. They are in hospital right now. I’m saying this to tell you I know bi-polar is a terrible thing to have to deal with. I’m praying so hard for you and your wife and family and anyone else who has to suffer with this condition.

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.

Praying for you and your wife and this situation. May God’s will be done.

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