Is it safe to travel to Isreal?


My wife and are going to travel around the world. We were thinking of going to visit Isreal and walk around Jerusalem. The only fear is that it is not safe for us. Can I please hear from people who have taken pilgrimages here or visited? Thank you!


I have lived in Israel for almost two years, and can tell you that it is safe to travel here. We live in a suburb of Tel Aviv and drive to Jerusalem every Saturday evening for Mass. Go to the US State Department website Travel.State.Gov and take a look at the travel advisory for Isreal. You will see that Americans are advised to avoid travel into the West Bank and Gaza. You would do well to avoid train and bus stations, night clubs, and market areas. American tourists are not likely to go to the places where there has been trouble. Official American personal are not allowed to use trains or buses, and are not allowed to visit Bethlehem which is located on the West Bank. Ben Gurion Airport has some of the best security in the world. The Old City of Jerusalem is heavily policed, and has hundreds of security cameras which were installed when Pope John Paul II visited. If you stay in the tourist areas you will be safe. Israel does everything it can to safeguard its tourist industry. Don’t hesitate to visit Israel and Jerusalem. The Galilee is full of Christian sites, too. Come to Israel and see the Scriptures come alive!.


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