Is it selfish or sinful to have two rosaries?

No, but it might be scrupulous.

“Might be” I said.

Feel free to donate Rosaries to your parish.

I used to get a bunch of them for free, and just give them to people.


My wife and I stumbled on this 8 years ago.

No. I have 3 currently in my desk at home. Another 1 in my car, and another 1 or 2 in my desk at work.

One can have as many rosaries as one wants.

However, if GUESS it is possible for someone to collect rosaries out of sinful reasons, but I have to imagine that’s rare.

God Bless

No why would it be, you can have as many as you like, as long as you are saying your rosary,
every day that’s all that matters.

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This sounds suspiciously like a line from a 13yo. “Mom! I got in trouble with the teacher for having two rosaries!” when they actually got in trouble for stealing someone else’s rosary. I’ll bite though. Under what principle could it possibly be sinful to possess two rosaries?


And just to make it clear to the OP, no, you absolutely do not have to say it every day.

No one said you did, but we are asked to.

By whom?

It sounded from your post as if it was only OK to have multiple rosaries if you said the rosary every day. And of course, you can be a good Catholic and never say the rosary.

no but like some other people said it all comes down to intent. i guess if it’s for a sinful reason or attitude then maybe but you have to look inward to determine that

Just so we’re clear, did you mean to direct your response to me or the OP.


By the Blessed Mother.

I would never dain to tell anyone how they should or should not practice their faith, you misunderstood what I wrote, it’s not for me to say what or who is a good Catholic.
God Bless.

Of course not! I have multiple rosaries so I never have to go without in case I lose one. I have one really nice one and several cheaper ones. Also it comes in handy if you have a friend interested in Catholicism who wants to learn the Rosary :wink:

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