Is it sin not to sin for wrong reasons?

Is it sin not to sin because we know that we are going to feel guillty afterwards or because we don’t want to go to confession? I am not sure if I did this… I know that there needs to be full consent for sin to be mortal, but CCC says that hardness of heart does not make sin smaller…

I cannot speak for the Church or even for Jewish teaching, but I would say it is not a sin. Even though your intention for not sinning may be incorrect, the fact you believe you will feel guilty reveals you are not sinning due to your moral conscience. Until you more fully understand or accept by faith the reason why you should not sin and learn more constructive ways to avoid doing so, simply refraining from the behavior is probably the best approach for now.

No, it’s not a sin. While it’s better to have the love of God as our motivation for avoiding sin, fear of consequences, such as guilty feelings afterwards, the embarrassment of having to confess it are also valid, if less noble motives. It’s perfectly fine to avoid sins for this reason.

The avoidance of sin, for any reason, is a good thing. Avoiding sin to avoid future embarrassment hardly constitutes hardness of heart.

Suppose for a minute we are talking about husband and wife. Say the husband did not hit his wife because he’d feel guilty, as opposed to not hitting her out of love for her. Either way, he still didn’t hit her. Of course, the motives aren’t so great, but that can be worked on. Does that make sense?

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