Is it sin to be rude?


I become rude when I’m in a bad mood or I’m with someone I don’t like. I frown, I speak in short sentences, I see everything negatively, and when someone asks me to do something I do it hesitantly and without enthusiasm. I do my best to smile and be nice but I often fail, because the bad mood makes it very painful. I just then wish my mood would get better somehow. Is it sin to be rude, and is being rude to people you don’t like count as revenge?


I doubt any of those things are a sin. Although we are instructed to view what people say in the most positive light possible.:slight_smile:


Having a rude disposition may not be sinful in itself, but acts of rudeness which are intended to hurt other people are sinful, I think. I have not analyzed this or researched it in the Catechism, but my thinking is that our rude behavior can lead the people around us to be rude, which makes our own lives less joyful, peaceful,and loving. If everyone behaved that way, the whole world would be less joyful, peaceful,and loving. Rude behavior goes against the commandment to love one another.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.”


Sometimes we need to be with people that we don’t care much for, such as relatives, the workplace, etc.

We need to pray for the grace to act in a civil way and not a rude way. We can make a difference in certain situations when we do so.

Everyone who was created is loved by God and we should want the best for them.

We are not meant to be doormats for people, but we are to love our enemies and do good even to those who hate us. The grace of God can enable us to do that.


Thanks for the replies. I agree with Beryllos that rude actions intended to hurt others is a sin and we should do our best not to do anything harmful while we’re in a rude disposition.

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