Is it sin to pretend?

For example, when I’m in a building and I saw a person I know, I don’t confront them immediately, but when he or she notices me later on, I act surprised and say “Oh hi, it’s you!”

Or how about pretending to listen to someone by keeping eye contact with him or her and nodding, even if I don’t get what he or she’s saying or my mind is somewhere else, mostly because I want him or her to feel cared?

Or how about pretending to be happy when you’re sad, and vice versa?

Are those situations equivalent to lying?

Well at least it is NOT a mortal sin, so I chalk it to the small sins we commit every day without even realizing them.
Which by the way are forgiven by just going to church and attend mass.

Peace :thumbsup:

Sometimes it is better to pretend. Let say your neighbour have bought a new used car and it both sound and look used, it is better, in my mind, to say that it is a nice or neat car then to speak out loud what you really think. But if you pretend with the intention to gain something you [think] would not get if you are honest and upfront, it is a sin, just like a lie.

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