Is It Sinful For A Man To Exercise Without A Shirt On?


Most days, taking the shirt off is not going to get him much vitamin D, though.


What is your problem? In case you were unaware, there are nudist beach areas and nudist colonies. I may not want to go shirtless, but others should have the freedom to do so if they want.


I do a lot of work outside with my shirt off, but then, I live on ten acres and nobody can really see me unless they used binoculars.

Getting Vitamin D is good. But you can get plenty of it without taking off your shirt. Just be sure to ditch the sunglasses.



I play rook with an optomotrist (sp?) that would fight you over that suggestion.


“Because ultraviolet rays from the sun and tanning beds can cause skin cancer, the American Academy of Dermatology does not recommend getting vitamin D from sun exposure or indoor tanning.”

Consider wearing microfiber shirts. They breathe and they also give solar protection. (Microfiber does seem to harbor sweat smells very stubbornly, but I use Biz to get the sweat smell out of my sons’ shirts. I think it is the enzymatic cleaners that do it, so other brands may work.)

You can easily get exercise shirts that cover slightly less than any street clothes that would expose. In an ideal world, though, you will minimize your tanning in order to minimize the aging of your skin and the likelihood of skin cancer.

Having said that, unless you are purposefully jogging near sports fields where women are having soccer, softball, or track practice or the like or running past the windows of restaurants or play areas where women are watching their children play, such that you do seem to be trying to garner attention, you are OK going shirtless pretty much anywhere that jogging is appropriate. When you are done, though, put the shirt back on.


I find it interesting that conservative Catholics here at CAF are generally OK with a man being completely shirtless in public, but, in many other threads on modesty, condemn women who wear only a bikini top or sports bra. Surely if men can be completely shirtless, it should be sufficient for women to simply cover their breasts. If women must wear a shirt that covers the entire torso, then men should as well.

Personally, as a man, I would never be shirtless except at a pool or beach. It is also in that context, and only in that context, that I’m fine with women being likewise shirtless as long as their breasts are appropriately covered.


I would think a running top (sports bra) would be appropriate in essentially the same situations where a man could simply go shirtless. Male or female: consider that it is better for your skin to minimize sun exposure and when you’re done with your exercise or swimming (or sunning or whatever it is that makes a swimwear level of coverage appropriate), put a shirt on.


Some men don’t have, you mean. Since I turned fifty and gravity became my sworn enemy, my (untoned) pectorals are actually larger than many of my female co-workers’. Maybe it’s time to invest in a bra…:rofl:


I laughed way too hard at this. You, sir, just made my day! <3


Happy to be of service!


Skin cancer isn’t worth the risk…

Yes, we should be more modest. I don’t advocate going around shirtless. There are only two instances I’ve done it.

  1. Swimming

  2. Half Marathon in 90F heat


I take it then you have never gone to any beach anywhere. The sin is not in the person who is not seeking to call attention to himself by not wearing a shirt for swimming, comfort, a tan or other reason. Rather, the sin lies in the eye of the beholder who imagines him not wearing anything.


I strongly agree. I guess we are too used to seeing women’s bodies as more sexual than men’s, but that’s a topic for another time.

To OP: personally for me I find it to be too much skin. Not that I’ll immediately start lusting but over here, it’s a little weird to see a shirtless guy in public outside of the beach/pool. So I’ll leave that for the others to respond. I tend to have a double standard, where I think men with fit bodies are more immodest/eye catching that your average dad mowing the lawn, which is why I’m hesitant to give my views here, lol.

As for social media…idk. A lot of men show off their muscles on social media to look sexy, and that’s definitely immodest. That isn’t your intention, so I think it’s the equivalent to a girl happily posing at the beach or something similar.

A general rule of thumb is that if you’re uncomfortable with a woman doing all of the things you’re doing (in a sports bra obviously), then you might want to reconsider


Yeah but even if she wore just a sports bra and shorts, that would still be immodest right? When I run I at least wear a tank top over my bra.


Yeah, the only time I’m shirtless is at the pool with my son… and I’m pretty sure my dad body isn’t a temptation to anyone.
(Though then again…I’ve been told some women are now into “dad bodies”…my wife sure isn’t one of them with the constant nagging for me to lose weight :P).


I had a dad bod when I was fourteen, and it’s never really improved…:rofl:


I don’t think it is sinful at all. The only reason it would be sinful is if you KNEW women could see you and you exercised that way SO THEY WOULD see you and admire you.


I couldn t care less having grown up in a sports envirnonment,club,etc.
Having said that,it isn t the usual. There is normally the gear for a reason.
And obviously not in common áreas like the buffet .
And also normally we would notice who was trying to show off a bit ,and who really couldn t stand the dripping,muddy,sweaty t -shirt any longer right before getting into locker rooms.
Much worse was to watch the rugby boys pulling off their socks! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Even then,I couldn’t care less within the ñroper environment.But that is me.
Sinful is sometines in the eye of the beholder who isn t familiar with a sports filled environment.


As a man, I also appreciate it when men wear shirts outdoors. In two of the places I have lived, I have had next door neighbors who I would, quite literally, never see with a shirt on from May through September. Some things cannot be unseen. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

In all seriousness, though, context is important. Back in college, I knew a guy who would take his shirt off when playing volleyball in mixed company. It was not appreciated. However, if he were at the beach, then there wouldn’t have been the same issue.

Personally, I’ve never understood the appeal. I feel much hotter with the sun directly on my skin than I do if I’m wearing a shirt. But is it a sin? Probably not in your situation.


I understand. It’s partially a matter of who we want to believe. Personally, I have found this guy to be extremely helpful as far as my personal health has gone. And, I haven’t seen a doctor in decades.

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