Is it sinful to be a Bouncer (or the like) as a Part-Time Job?

Hello all. I am interested in finally contributing to the finances of my family by getting a part-time job (whether this happens or not I have yet to know). Of course, a part-time job is insignificant in comparison to my dad’s job as a civilian contractor with the military, but I hope to at least pull some of my own weight.

I am going to be blunt about this: I am considering being a Bouncer or at least someone who is in charge of physically defending an establishment. Why a bouncer? Well, for one thing, the idea first came to me when I learned that our dear Pope Francis was a bouncer as well. I learned about this from watching CBS This Morning. Also, I have taken some martial arts in high school and had almost continuous training ever since my freshman year in college (please correct me if I am bragging). I would also say I have some military discipline as a result of my NJROTC in high school and my martial arts. Not to mention, I am a “military brat,” so I was kind of reared the military way (please correct me if I am bragging). Being a bouncer or a guard of sorts seems to be a perfect part-time job for me.

But there are a few things I would like to know. Are such occupations sinful? One would think that, if Pope Francis did it, then how could it ever be wrong? But, I also understand that, being from a Third World country, it is impractical to be choosy on what jobs you would like to have. Morals can seem secondary at times. Also, are there any moral hazards associated with such jobs that I should be aware of? Like, what if I am employed to a person who does corrupt things (a bar owner who secretly sells drugs/a pawn shop owner who deals in contraband) or what if I begin to enjoy hurting people? Is there anything else I should know?

I would appreciate your responses. I thank you all in advance. And, please remember, the question regards the morality of being a bouncer or any other related job and not just a bouncer.

How would it be sinful?

I was a bouncer for a time as well.:shrug:

But I caution you. Not everything the Pope did is ordained infallible.:wink: Peter denied Jesus…

That being said of course it is ok. It concerns me that you may think many people who hold legit jobs as bouncers are sinning, or possibly sinning. Can you provide the sinful component that you would be worried about?

Is it customary for bouncers to hurt people on such a regular basis that they would begin to enjoy it? :confused: It seems to me that the presence of a bouncer is to discourage physical altercations rather than cause them.

But then, this is completely outside my realm of experience. I’ve never known a bouncer or ever been to a place that had bouncers. :shrug:

I agree with Hoosier Daddy that I cannot see anything sinful about it. If you were a bouncer at a strip club, I think that would be problematic. And certainly if the owners were involved in illegal activity, it seems like something not to get mixed up in – whether it’s immoral or not. Otherwise, I don’t see he problem.

I’d say it depends on really two factors:

  1. Is the place that you are looking at working intrinsically sinful (for instance a strip club)?
  2. Do you have any anger issues or other issues where having to employ limited violence could be a near occasion of sin for you personally?

If you can answer “no” to both, why would there be a problem? A bouncer IINM, is pretty much a security guard, and there’s nothing sinful with that.

What Pat said. Depends on the context of the job.

For sure, it’s an opportunity to interact with people, learning how to defuse hot situations with diplomacy, etc. I would think Pope Francis got that much out of his stint.

Not sinful. But…
Be careful! A friend of mine served five years in prison when a bar patron he roughed up died. The guy had stolen a woman’s purse at the bar.

With your background, what about the Army or Naval reserves as a part time job?

I think nick Cage played him in a movie.:wink:

Yes, it can indeed be risky not just for yourself physically but morally and legally as well. However, courts don’t generally convict people for making correct and calculated decisions. There must have been a little more to it than, “hey you, give the purse back…”

Anytime someone loses their life, proper procedure was probably not followed. Though there are many many exceptions in law enforcement.


Thank you for your replies. The reason why I was worried about the morality of being a bouncer was because of the stereotypes associated with them as well as the facilities they guard. Whenever I think of a bouncer, I think of someone tough, rugged and whose morals are underdeveloped (pardon me if I offend anyone. I am just saying what I thought about bouncers). Strip clubs aside (I completely forgot bouncers work at strip clubs too), some of the facilities that bouncers guard are, at least in my opinion, places where drunkards (at bars), sexual hedonists (at night clubs), extortionists (at pawn shops), and the like aggregate. These were the reasons why I was worried.

If you all have any more to contribute, then please comment.

To Hoosier Daddy

May you please explain to me what being a bouncer was like? Of course, please make sure to stay on the topic of this thread. If it is not possible to stay on topic, then please do not reply.


I was a bouncer at several bars and private events.
Most bars are rather tame. Most evenings were rather boring. But, there are exceptions and yes, there can be some pretty nasty stuff at some places. But that does not mean I partake in the debauchery. My purpose was to provide safety to all involved. Especially women. Everyone deserves safety. But I would not work at certain bars or clubs if I had a moral objection to the establishment. Like strip clubs, biker bars, gay bars and the like.

Most bars I worked at were regular joe bars.

It was the private events that became problematic. I worked a wedding that needed police, security, and bouncing. Gangs were an issue and we had some serious problems. I went home that night happy to be alive. Rap concerts were also some pretty dicey events.
Stick to the bars. The real situation is that it is never like “Roadhouse” but really just a customer service job. Well, one that might end with some scarred knuckles.:wink:

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