Is it sinful to continue reading a book that has one isolated section of borderline graphic-ness

So, I was reading Jurassic Park, which is 399 pages long, and around page 370 there was a somewhat graphic description of reptile mating, which was more explicit than I would have liked, and felt a bit too descriptive so I stopped reading. Of course, the author included this description in a purely scientific context, to help explain part of the book, and it wasn’t meant to be unnecessarily graphic, it was just the scientist explaining how the dinosaurs had managed to propagate despite the park’s precautions.

Anyhow, I was just wondering whether it would be sinful to read the last 20 pages of the book. If I had known about the graphic section, then of course I wouldn’t have started reading it in the first place, but since I didn’t know beforehand and have already read it, is there any harm in continuing to read the last 20 pages. I’m 99.9% certain there won’t be any more explicit passages because the book is a techno-thriller, and the author’s intent has never been cheap or sleazy writing, rather he was simply explaining how it was the safety system established by the park management to prevent the dinosaurs from breeding had failed.

So would it be okay to finish the remainder of the book, as I wouldn’t be reading anything explicit, or does the earlier “profanity” (I’m not really sure that’s the right word, since it was more a scientific description of reptile mating than anything else) mean the entire book should be avoided?

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I’m seeing a trend in a few history books to add a little profanity or sexual explicitness but in a medical context. One of the books is going to be thrown out, and I will re-read part of the other before throwing it out.

I’m tired of it.


About how the male crocodile blows bubbles on the females cheek until copulation occurs, I know. No, dude, it’s not pornographic, its no more detailed than you’d see on NatGeo. I’ve read the rest of the book. In fact i’ve read that book numerous times. You’ve read that part already. The rest of it is clean. You’re fine. Read it.

Ps. Hammond’s a jerk. Had it coming.

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