Is it sinful to hate things?

I know it’s sin to hate people, but how about other things? It’s ok to hate sin right? How about hating your car, the service at a certain restaurant, your job, the weather, communism, and the like?

Hated is a very extreme thing. One probably does not truly “hate” the weather, or their car, or even a restaurant. But instead dislike or have some kind of negative experience associated with these things.
To me hatred is a form of one of “the seven deadly sins” Wrath.
It is okay to have an aversion to something, but to truly “hate” something with all your being, I think should be avoided at all costs. Did Jesus hate things? I think we should be thankful for all these resources we have in this modern world!!

And I wouldn’t say it is a sin to hate sin :smiley:
That would be wanting to improve virtue and glorify God.
Hate the sin, and love the sinner.

If not for giving up 5 weeks of vacation and 900 plus hours of sick time, i’d be job looking as a i HATE my current job.

Well, I hate carpenter ants (who keep trying to eat my house), poison ivy, and kidney stones. I guess I must be doomed to perdition.

At least you can rest easily knowing that you provide a home for these ants!!

It is always sinful to hate people (even bad people), but not sinful to hate bad things, like sin, a bad car, bad service, etc… God bless you.

Understood, thank you!

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