Is it sinful to have triple piercings on your ears?

I have triple lobe piercings on both ears, I was wondering if it is sinful to have them? I normally wear diamonds in them but I also wear a cross earring in the first hole too. Thanks in advance for any responses! I put a picture of what it looks like below, it’s not me but that’s exactly what mine looks like

I guess the question to ask is, why in the world would you think it a sin? What about triple piercings would separate you from Christ?

No. When I was in high school I actually pierced all the way up one of my ears, in my room, with a needle and a piece of ice (must have been eight of them)! My mother was livid! Thank goodness, they closed up and you can’t see them!

It might be. It depends on your motivation for having them. Did you get piercings because you enjoy pain, because your other friends got them, because your body isn’t “good enough” without them, because you thought your ears were not well-made until they had a few holes in them, because you spend inordinate amounts of time in the mirror admiring your piercings or jewelry?

Or did you do it to honor the Holy Trinity, or witness to others by wearing the cross, or to share in Christ’s passion and stigmata?

agree ^ and in that respect, it’s no more sinful than any other vanity, including single and double piercings.

^^^This. I don’t profess to know what God thinks about it, but I have to tell you that there are probably 999 issues about which I care more than I do about how many piercings one has in one’s ears.

When I first got them my motivation was one of vanity. Now I still admire them, but I like wearing cross earrings to show others that I am a Christian. I now see the three piercings as honoring the Holy Trinity, I just didn’t have that mindset when I first got them. Knowing all of this, and since my thoughts about them have changed since I first got them, should I take them out or leave them in?

Only your confessor knows for sure. But I would say leave them in. I am assuming that you are a woman. If you are a man, then that is just weird!


Just kidding - like the other posters, I have no idea why you might think it’s a sin. Unless perhaps you’re under age and you disobeyed your parents by getting them?

I would guess “fashion” more than “vanity”, in which case many folks would be “guilty” :wink:

This strikes me as something to lose no sleep over, whatsoever. There’s nothing wrong in doing something that you believe improves your appearance. As the Church has no official opinion on ear piercings, I regard it as akin to wearing makeup, styling your hair, or wearing nice-looking clothes. I have had double piercings for years, generally have tiny diamond studs in the second piercing, and don’t give it a thought. You shouldn’t, either.

hey dixie, class of 78 here!

Youngster! :wink: Go Eagles!!!

In the Old Testament, virtuous Judith wore earrings (Judith 10:4) and the LORD is figuratively portrayed as putting earrings in Israel’s ears. (Ezekiel 16:12) So, it is probably safe to say wearing earrings is not intrinsically evil. However, St Paul advised Christian women to dress “modestly and sensibly” and not adorn themselves with “gold or pearls or [other] costly attire.” (1 Timothy 2:9)

Why do you ask that? Are you a minor whose parent has forbidden it?

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