Is it sinful to laugh over this?

Before I start: this isn’t a scrupulosity thread. I’m honestly curious. :smiley:

The story goes this way: a few years ago, annoyed by a particular person’s conduct, I (and a few friends, but they shall remain anonymous) decided to play an Internet prank on him. This involved creating a Facebook page which poked fun at his foibles in a rather exaggerated way, including uploading a picture of a gorilla as his purported profile picture. No profanity, pornography or legal slander was involved. (Boys will be boys. :blush:)

Well, after a few days of pulling his leg and getting him into a lather, I had an attack of guilty conscience-itis :(, and deleted the profile, went to Confession, and made up my quarrel with the person concerned :o. However, I still catch myself laughing from time to time at the memories of the fictitious profile we made up, especially the gorilla photo. (It was pretty cute.)

How terrible a person am I? Should I make a conscious effort to stop myself from laughing whenever I think of this (which, admittedly, isn’t too often?) :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

It is obvious from your post history that you are an evil evil person! This outrageous display of inhumanity and your subsequent reveling in it only goes to prove it.
At University I and a group of Christians supported by the Catholic Chaplain, requisitioned the entire edition of the University’s student magazine and took the truck load and dumped it in the river as we believed it was blasphemous against the Eucharist. The Student’s Union had a five thousand dollar reward for information but we were never caught. Boys will be boys!

If you can’t laugh at your friends what are they for?

We are all too serious. I often laugh thinking how smart I am. A lot of people laugh out loud when I mention it as well…

We all know you are a good and kind person who is maybe, a little too hard on yourself.
From a Fan! God Bless!

Well, if I had a scale, you’d be over 9000! :stuck_out_tongue: Not sure if you’re a Dragon Ball Z fan, but if u are… :smiley:

But seriously, I think that if it’s something that has caused pain to the other person, then it’s probably not good to laugh at it. One of the CAF apologists, Fr. Charles Grondin, I think made some good comments on how laughter can be a sin, and I’ll quote it here:

*"The theological phrase “immoderate laughter” might be better understood through the culture term schadenfreude, which is generally defined as:
‘Malicious enjoyment derived from observing someone else’s misfortune.’
Finding humor in something that causes another person pain (physical or emotional) would be wrong. Another element of this would be being amused by inappropriate “jokes” (i.e. racist, sexist, etc).

Its not that laughter, in and of itself, is wrong. Its that what is causing us to laugh is an attitude that is contrary to the virtue of charity."*

What you say, is, of course, correct. But in defense of my friend, I am sure that our good man was laughing at the memory of the skit, the silly photo etc and not in any emotion of his friend, long since forgotten in their own relationship.
We must always be kind, as it may be all we can put before the feet of our Saviour.

Thanks, both of you. “Immoderate laughter” was sort of what I was looking for. I suppose I could just laugh at the gorilla, but forget who it was supposed to represent. :smiley:

(And, yes, I’m an evil person! This Sunday, I yawned during the sermon! Oh, the horror!) :slight_smile:


We all know you are a good and kind person who is maybe, a little too hard on yourself.
From a Fan! God Bless!

Well, thank you, kind sir! :blush:

I remember reading from C.S. Lewis who observed that, even in the immediate midst of sinful activities, there are glimmers of light that may be shown. A group of drunks laughing together may be experiencing some camaraderie that truly is good in its nature, even if it is embedded within a situation that is contrary to Christ. It is through these glimmers of light that the Spirit reaches out to us.

I would think it would be normal that some of our memories, even if mixed among things we regret, are all the same something we might look back and smile over.

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