Is it sinful to listen to this sort of music?

Is it sinful to listen to music if the song’s lyrics don’t have any bad message or meanings , but the singer (or some of the band members, etc) has a very sinful personal life? Of course it’s wrong to listen to music which glorifies sins in its lyrics, such as most mainstream rap bands, some heavy metal/rock bands, and some pop songs nowadays. But what about music with an okay message in it’s lyrics, but the band member’s (or the singer) live sinful lives.

For example, Iron Maiden. Contrary to what some people may believe, the vast majority of their songs do NOT sing about the occult at all, and some of their songs (such as Paschnedale and Age of Innocence) actually sing about historical events and the problems in society, etc. Those sort of lyrics don’t send a bad moral message, in my opinion.

However, their singer Bruce Dickinson is interested in the works of famous occultist Aleister Crowley. But actually none of the other members of Iron Maiden are into Crowley (just their singer).

Knowing this, is it sinful for me to listen to Iron Maiden?

For example, I would never listen to Marilyn Manson’s music (even if I actually enjoyed his music, but I don’t, his singing style sounds horrible), because of the fact that in many of his concerts and quotes, he makes horrible and offensive and blasphemous statements towards God and Christianity.

What about the Beatles? I like some of the Beatles songs (some of their songs are very catchy and nice sounding), but in their personal lives, they did a lot of drugs and they influenced the youth into that lifestyle. Some of their songs sounded nice, but they were very sinful people. (While Paul Mccartney admitted in interviews that he realized his drug use was wrong and he made mistakes when he was younger, I don’t think John Lennon or any of the other Beatles regretted their drug use). So is it sinful or morally wrong for me to listen to the Beatles, or not?

This thread is about whether or not it’s sinful to listen to music if the band members/singers have sinful personal lives.

Would you have a friendship with an abortionist? Even though he is not in uniform? I would stay away from this, but that is me. I don’t know whether or not it is a sin. Music was meant to Glorify God, and if the artist doesn’t have this in mind then you shouldn’t be buying or supporting them be listening to their music. Try talking to a priest.

God Bless!

Yesterday I had a conversation with somebody about this topic, and he told me that it’s only a sin to listen to music if the song has lyrics which glorifies sinful things.

I guess this is more of a “gray area” issue.

I agree with that. I was just giving my opinion.

God Bless! :tiphat:

I know what you mean. My mom usually likes songs that aren’t too bad; there are some suggestive parts or a few bad words, but other than that, they aren’t too bad. I personally do not like these songs because, as vincent10395 said, music is meant to glorify God, and I find that these songs don’t really do that. I also dislike them because the artists who perform them lead very immoral lifestyles, and I don’t want to show any support for their music or their lifestyle. Just my :twocents:.

If you limit yourself to artists who don’t sin, you won’t have any art to enjoy. :smiley:

Seriously, I make it more about the quality and the message. If sin is glorified in the art, I avoid it (just depicting it is different IMO). If the artist unrepentantly lives sinfully and celebrates sin and pushes an agenda of sin, even if not through the art, then I generally avoid it. After that it’s piece by piece.

Well yea, even though one might not support his actions. Jesus hung out with harlots and tax collectors. Just don’t get influenced by these type of people.

Also, I created this thread not just to discuss a few artists which I mentioned above, but also as a general discussion for others and their personal experiences and thoughts on this issue.

Do you agree with my stance that whether or not it’s wrong to listen to sinful artists depends on the conscience of the believer? There’s no “yes-or-no” answer, in my opinion, in regards to this issue. For example, I know some people at my Church who are Beatles fans.

What I failed at was trying to get a good analogy to fit my point :slight_smile: What I was trying to get at was you shouldn’t support the artist by listening to their music, although it isn’t a sin. (at least as far as I’m concerned) Yes I am aware that nobody is perfect, but people who are involved in a satanic cults or interested in them it would be wise to stay away. Just my opinion.

God Bless!:tiphat:

Rock on my friend



What about the Beatles’s music? I like John Lennon’s solo albums, especially his song Happy Christmas, but he lived very sinfully. For example, he did hallucinogenic drugs and he made very offensive statements about Christianity. Therefore, is it morally wrong/unwise to listen to his music?

Its not sinful, but I would just stay away from those involved in cults. The Beatles are good. If it is troubling you just take it to prayer, ask Jesus if it pleases him.

That’s false.

The Beatles were into psychedelic drugs (which is very demonic and evil), and they were against-Christianity, and they lived sinful lifestyles (for example, they encouraged free love, etc). So how can you say that they are good? That’s sort of hypocritical (no offense).

Regarding whether or not it’s sinful or morally wrong for a Christian to listen to the Beatles, my belief is simply this: it all depends on the conscience of the believer. I’m just asking you why you think the Beatles were somehow good.

Sorry for not clarifying, but what I meant was that they were okay to listen too. These are facts I obviously didn’t know about them. So, like I said before just take it to prayer.

As someone who.was an.avid fan of.iron maiden and heavy metal when I.was a teenager, my grandmother took me to.several priests to discuss my listening to this music. Every single priest told me you should not listen to that music. None said specifically that it was sinful but all agreed that you shouldn’t be listening to.that kind of music. In my case I kept.doing it and the music had little impact in my life. Eventually I stopped listening to it by my own self. Now that i am older i can see how the lilifestyle of many of this artists and their music may have an impact on people’s life and promote negative lifestyle so I can totally see how the priests were right. Many people are going to.follow that negative lifestyle and take these artists as role models so that is a major problem.

Now, I am not sure where you get that Dickinson is into Crowley. Are you sure you are not confusing him with Ozzy? I say that because he is the only person from that genre who was well known for not being into that kind of stuff and precisely why he always pointed out that his lyrics were about historical events. However what is clear is that they had the intention of scaring audiences so grants the question as to what extent his music is as clear as he claims.

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