Is it sinful to live in luxury?


If the “preacher” in question has a ministry that relies on youtube and internet and such modern devices, then they will be required to have extensive and expensive electronics with studio spaces.

There is a protestant fellow who used extensive public speaking and electronics, I’m speaking of Dave Ramsey, and he has 500 helpers and a huge house.

If someone like that is effective, they need the tools and the facilities to reach the folks who look up to them.

Takes money.


I would say people from rich countries should go n visit countries in Africa/Asia once in a while to understand what poverty really means if their circumstances allow


Right. We in western countries are mostly fabulously wealthy compared to the rest of the world. Me, with my modest home, computer with internet access,running water, electricity, and indoor plumbing, live in a manner unbelievable to many others,
We have to be accountable for what we’ve received.



Viki63 I was generally saying. I know this is not applicable to each and every person


I won’t say if it’s sinful or not. But I will say that I find the kind of folks who hold themselves out as minister of Christ and who make their money through donations they usually literally beg from their followers, and who then use that money to live lives of luxury are not to be trusted. It’s like Jim Baker and family - it makes me sick to think of all those elderly folks on social security sending him money to support his lifestyle (back in the day). There is a group now, the TBN people, who are like that. Considering what Jesus said about the camel and the eye of the needle, it amazes me that they have any followers - yet they seem to have millions. Makes my skin crawl.:mad:


Behold the God of many modern televangelists

Of course modern televangelists encourage people to put it on their credit cards if they have no money because God will repay them ten fold.


Jaw hits ground.A new one to me.


if you can bear it, look up Achill Island, Christine gallagher and yet folk still flock to her…

As for me.Govt assure me I am living way below the poverty line. WHO ME? I have a roof over my head,food, even a small battered car. ALl i need so anything else is not really mine but in trust for others.


Joie de Vivre… that last post should carry a health warning… :eek::eek:


The only Protestant TV evangelist that I have ever had any respect for was the Rev. Ike. He flat out told the people that when they gave him money he was going to use it so he could continue living in luxury. If people are stupid enough to give him (or others like him) money for that reason, that’s their problem.

The Catholic Church does not subscribe to, or teach a prosperity gospel.


So, that must be like Apple, with their popular iphones that can cost upwards of $700, all the poor folks that slave in the factories that produce them, what are they being paid for this very expensive luxury item, I guess they are all getting rich too? Apple is the largest, richest company in the world, they have surely benefited from the iphones popularity, but they still seek to have them made for as absolutely cheap as possible, if that means going to remote distant nations that have no labor laws, so be it. LOL

Companies like this would love it if slavery was brought back, they could profit even more then!


Slaves would have to be provided with food, clothing, shelter. I doubt Apple would like to provide that. The present arrangement is just fine for them.




Apple is an easy target in such a discussion, but I suspect your flat-screen TV, your home cordless phones, the souvenirs from your last trip to Disney, your microwave oven, and whatever brand desktop or laptop computer you care to mention were all made in similar settings.


Yes! My priest actually gave a homily last week about riches and poverty; exactly like you said. He made an excellent point: to whom much is given, much is expected.


I am no expert, but judging by how early Christians treated their wealth there may be a corrupting influence of sin. Throughout the Gospel the wealthy are condemned like Luke 16:19-31 with Lazarus and the rich man, and likewise in the acts. specifically how the Apostles and disciples sold all they had and shared their wealth, or when Ananias and his wife were struck dead for keeping some wealth to themselves. The mysteries of the rosary speak of mortification of pride, flesh and wealth.

Many of the early saints did similar things, most notably Saint Pope Gregory the great who abandoned all his vast wealth and had his estate turned into a monastery. Similar to Saint Paula who gave away everything, and became a hermit, a noble woman that had so much wealth that she had dedicated slaves to carry her in a carriage on their backs before her conversion.

While it may not be a sin that requires confession, it is not in anyway connected to sainthood or holiness, rather the rejection of luxury seems to be closer to the life of our Lord and his saints.

With all this in my mind I cannot help feel guilt, and pray for mercy for the luxury in my life. If had to truly be faced with losing what I had, or give it all away I don’t know if I can be as the saints. Lord have mercy.


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