Is it sinful to only be attracted to younger women


I married a younger woman. And though as we age I am more astounded by her beauty, youth has beauty on its side I think it always had.

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Camilla is not a princess on her own account. Neither was Diana.

Diana was never Princess Diana. She was only Diana, Princess of Wales.

Camilla would be the same, if she was using going by it.

You can only use the prefix of Prince or Princess before your name if you are Prince or Princess by blood.

Just like Kate will NEVER be Princess Kate and Meghan Markle will never be Princess Meghan (though Kate will be Queen Catherine).

The prefix of queen can be granted by marriage, but the prefix of prince or princess cannot.

The reason why Prince Philip was granted the prefix of Prince is because he was born a prince but renounced his title when he was engaged to the queen. The Queen restored his prefix to him after her father’s death.



Speaking as an older but manly man, of course I’m physically attracted to women in their 20s and 30s. Duh! Like an Allosaurus to a sauropod.
Acting on it is another matter entirely.



Speaking as an older man, I would find a woman of 25 who was attracted to me really, really strange. And I would find it tiring having to explain things like what the cold war was and how telephones once had cords.



Sorry to go off on a tangent but is this correct? Isn’t it simply a matter of tradition like calling someone’s wife Mrs or by her husband’s name? Is there really a UK law to this effect?



Sinful no, but unless I am missing some important context, his expressing that was distasteful. There may be a mental leap going on where we assume he thinks women his own age are less valuable or unfit for partnership. I think that is the source of the outrage.

As a woman, hearing that makes me think less of the speaker, but if I were not married to a man who really understands what marriage is, it would fill me with hopelessness and worry.

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By find do you mean to choose? That would then be something voluntary.



Unless he’s attracted to minors, then there’s no problem. I will say this though: as a young Catholic guy, I get really annoyed when I see older Catholics try to get with the young Catholics ladies. It’s hard enough trying to find someone young, let alone single. Don’t rob the cradle. :unamused:



I don’t blame you.

However it is not sin to be attracted to only younger women.

When I was younger, I viewed older men who propositioned me as being creepy. Older men who exclusively go for younger women should also keep in mind that they are also not as attractive physically as younger men.



I’m not a UK citizen, but everything I’ve read indicates that there are actual laws regarding royal & other noble titles.

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If you want to have several kids (or a lot of kids) then being attracted to only younger women isn’t a bad thing at all. Because an older woman most likely would not be able to give birth to 5-10 children.

Also a woman in her 50s might not be able to have kids. An as an older parent (I’m 41 with a 7 and 4 year old) I can tell you that it is a lot easier for a 20 something (or early 30s) to run after 4 year olds than a 41 year old.

So if you are only attracted to younger women… perhaps God is telling you that you are called to find a young woman who wants to have many kids? :slight_smile:

God Bless!

NOTE: but if you don’t want a lot of kids, you better make sure you don’t just want a trophy wife. Because that would be wrong.



Eventually trophy wives start getting older. Will they be traded in for a newer shinier trophy?

More than likely.



Honestly though, there can be a creep factor here. I’ve used a Catholic dating site before where these old men would contact you and it was clear they basically wanted a baby machine.



Not only a baby machine but a live in nurse that will take care of them when they get really old.

Sucks to be the younger partner.



It may not be “fair” but it certainly happens. And what if it is an attraction that some find inappropriate, like same sex attraction or attraction to children?

How about teachers being attracted to their students?

I agree that “blame” is ultimately not productive (and is damaging) it is a fact that there is a significant degree of “blame” for attractions.



There were substantial age differences between my great-grandparents and much less so with my grandparents. While the attractiveness of a young woman has always been an issue for men throughout history … I do think that practicality played a big part in the choosing of young women of the past.

One thing is that most women married very young. So searching for someone older was harder to find, may have already been married and widowed, or if substantially older may have become more independent and set in her ways. Then there’s the fact that younger women were generally healthier, more able to carry children to term and to have more children, than an older woman.

At least one side of the family with my great grandparents family lost several children. I don’t know about the other. Both wives were very young at the time of their marriages. They may not have survived themselves if they’d been older in those days.

As far as the modern times, things are so different today. We are bombarded with sexualized images of women constantly. I don’t think many men mature past an adolescent stage of hyper-focus on a woman’s body and the carnal pleasure he can obtain from it. He makes an idol of the physical and never moves past it. I know men have always struggled with this. But this 50 year old man who prefers young women. What are we talking about here? Is he married? How many marriages? Has he been in many long term relationships? Does he cheat on his wives and girlfriends?

I doubt we’re talking about a man who’s been married to the same woman for 30 years. But even if he has been, if he has spent all those years, judging his wife’s aging, and ogling and daydreaming about younger women. Then he is vain, proud and is lusting after an idol.

Not a good place to be in the light of salvation.

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I don’t take issue with the fact that he is attracted to young women, but I wonder about his certainty that he can NEVER be attracted to women close to his age. Maybe he can predict next weeks lottery numbers as well!

I used to think I knew all sorts of things about the kind of person I would ALWAYS be and life happened and I’ve been surprised by myself on the regular.

My current boyfriend was a man who ALWAYS dated younger women. A whole string of them then realized that there were issues that repeatedly came up due to age difference. Nothing wrong with the women, but there were simply things that kept coming up. They were young, wanted children, for him that ship had sailed. They didn’t share a common history and backround. They, understandably, wanted someone who could be more active in all areas of life. The older he got the more the issues made him feel old, alienated and lonely.

He decided to try something different, a woman his own age. So far so good. I’m not the first woman his age that he’s dated, but the first one that he’s stuck with for awhile and he likes having a partner that is on the same level as him, and there doesn’t seem to be an issue with the physical attraction either.

Maybe that French author will find one day that women near his age are quite wonderful and beautiful, or maybe not. I know that my “type” has changed drastically over the course of my life. I very much had a type when I was young, now…not so much and it’s more fun that way. I’ve dated older men, younger men, tall, short, thin, fat, educated, high school drop outs, blondes, brunettes and they all were wonderful.

He’s cutting himself short if he limits himself to only a small category of women.



well yes, that can be creepy too. One surely cannot be creepy about it. Also older men need to realize that not all women want to date/marry older men.

For every young woman who will marry a silver fox, I’m sure there are another 7 or 8 who will not.



I remember hearing one saying that goes like this: “You can’t help it if a bird lands on your head, but you can help it if the bird builds a nest on your head”.

If someone feels attraction to children but takes steps to control himself (avoids contact with children, undergoes chemical castration [takes anaphrodisiac drugs], goes to therapy, etc) then he can still be a productive member of society. If, however, he acts on this twisted impulse (even obtaining child pornography is crossing the line) then he is worthy of all scorn.

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[quote=“Delphinus, post:9, topic:529001, full:true”]
I think that the statement “You can’t control who you are attracted to” once again comes in to play. [/quote]

This isn’t what modern science & psychology tells us.

People’s attractions are influenced by A) media, B) their mom or dad, and C) their classmates and friends growing up.


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