Is it sinful to play a recreated game that was abandoned by its original creator?


Is it considered stealing? If the company effectively threw it away, is no longer profiting from it, and the recreators are not profiting either, I don’t understand how this can possibly be bad…

It’s like you build a chair, it gets old and you decide you don’t want it anymore, and you put it on the curb so it’ll be taken to the dump. But then someone comes along and makes a law to the effect that “disposal is not renouncement of ownership.” And because of that, it’s “illegal” to come and take it, refurbish it and put it in your living room. But the person who made it couldn’t care less if someone did. I don’t understand.


Try not to come to a conclusion before you know the facts. I’ve been involved with electronic game development and it’s more complicated than a chair. That said, contact the legal department at any electronic game company. Just ask.




They buy the rights to old computer and video games, then offer them for sale.


That’ll answer the legal question, but I’m asking the moral one. Is this a “just law” that we are obligated to follow? It doesn’t seem to make any sense, because the usual purposes of the law are non applicable in the case.


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