Is it sinful to sell a protestant bible?

Over the years I have collected a number of bibles. Most of them were left behind by tenants that vacated apartments that I owned. In many cases they were evicted for nonpayment of rent and when they vacated left behind many things and never returned to get them. Oddly, the most common things they left behind were trash barrels, mops, vacuum cleaners, unused cleaning products (sponges, scrub pads, surface cleaning solutions, etc.) and bibles. All items that help keep us clean! These people were typically very dirty both physically and spiritually. I have kept items of good quality such as the bibles to sell one day at a flea market to recoup my losses. All the bibles are non-Catholic and therefore heretical. I feel that it would be a sin to sell them or even given them away. I do not want to be connected to the evangelization of heresy. The devil’s advocate in me argues that everyday some protestant will go shopping to buy a heretical bible so why shouldn’t I receive their money? At best I could donate the money made from selling the bibles to help feed starving babies in third world countries or so some other worthy charity.

My question is: Is it a sin to sell or give away a heretical bible?

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