Is it sinful to watch this video?


I like this song

100% Illuminati, but still, I like it.


I can see why some people might be squeamish about the video, seeing the pentagram and the scantily clad dancers grinding. If it’s turning you on, you shouldn’t be watching it (Lust, the risk of sin ect). If not, nothings wrong.

The song itself though? Eh…Bit epicurean and hedonistic but not *sinful *per say, it sounds like it’s promoting making the most of your time possible. Nothing wrong with that :slight_smile:


Music videos on Youtube nowadays MUST have
a draw to them to succeed. IMO they are too worldly
for my tastes.


It brings you at risk to sin,l and if its 100 percdent illuminati than i would avoid it, but i dont think its sinful to watch it…just be aware…id avoid it if i were you…there are ALL genres of music with christian lyrics.


now i do not say its not sinful to listen to all music, to blast out Marylin manson’s ANTICHRIST is sinful as its direct blasphemy, and so it lady gaga judas and alejando(did i spell right?) but this particular song doesnt seem to directly attack our faith, i mean its lustful but not direct blasphemy.


I remember when this song got big on the radio a couple weeks before the Newtown shooting. It got pulled off the radio real quick.


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