Is it sloth to not to brush your teeth 3x a day etc


Say your to lazy to like brush your teeth like 3 times a day , or floss your teeth,or anything is that is healthy to do


That's not really sinful. It can be bad for your health, though.


Please talk to your pastor. You may have some scrupulous tendencies (based on your recent posts here) and your pastor will be able to guide you with spiritual direction so that you can properly discern sin from normal every day things.


I usually only brush my teeth once a day. But I get check-ups twice a year and never have any cavities. Three times a day is A LOT. Twice a day is probably what dentists recommend. I'm not seeing sloth here at all!


Im only 13 years old


Then you need to start forming your conscience. It's never too early, or late. The fact that you're asking questions shows that you are willing to learn. But some of this can be asked of your priest.


The kind of sloth that is called a sin is spiritual sloth. Some examples of spiritual sloth would be not bothering to pray or go to Mass.

The other kind of sloth is something I'm guilty of - I'd much rather read than do housework! :)


It is lazy not to brush once a day. Three times a day is probably max, unless you're eating a lot of sugar. I advise my dental patients to brush twice a day, floss once a day, and rinse with Listerine and you will be miles ahead of the pack. Get down to the gumline with your toothbrush, don't scour back and forth, just do gentle circles, and don't rush. I can't give you specific, personal medical advice, but I am a dentist, and that is what I tell the average person.

As far as "sloth", you need to realize the difference between a mortal sin and a capital sin. A capital sin is just a classification, a main category of sins. Mortal refers to the degree of the sin (vs. venial). You can have venial capital sins. So just because you are being slothful in something doesn't mean you have to rush to confession. Look at the seriousness here.

I agree with the posters above, you should probably look at getting spiritual direction. Your conscience is waking up, which is a good thing, so now you should seek to learn how to interpret what you are seeing in the world through the lens of your budding conscience.


“Sloth” applies more to spiritual slothiness like: prayers, relations with God, relations with family, & relations with neighbors.

Now, my dentist has told me its only necessary to brush MY teeth daily, but recommends I brush twice a day. This recommendation is because I put too much pressure on my brush while brushing causing the enamel to be thinned. For the sake of my family and friends, I chew more gum ( to make sure I don’t get bad breath )


…does anybody brush their teeth three times a day? I’m having a good day if I do it twice. :ehh:


People with braces often brush several times a day.


[quote="Dakota_Roberts, post:11, topic:321231"]
People with braces often brush several times a day.


Ah, OK. That makes sense. :o


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