Is it still a bad thing if I can't go to mass one Sunday for a reason?

So my mom broke her wrist and just had surgery two days ago, so she’s in so much pain. Also, my grandmother who lives with us has issues with her legs and can’t walk that much.
My sister is preparing for a school trip that leaves the next day and my dad is doing errands that need to be done by a certain point in time. My mom is usually the one that takes me to mass every Sunday but as I said before, her wrist…
If this is the case, would it be okay if I don’t go to mass and pray for forgiveness?
I do go mostly every Sunday I can and mass is something I don’t take lightly.

If there’s a serious reason and absolutely no way for you to make it, the obligation is lifted and there’s no sin.

Good for you for taking Mass seriously though. :thumbsup:

This sounds like a good reason for missing mass. Mention it to your priest at your next opportunity for dispensation or confession.

I see no reason why being the hands and feet of Jesus while caring for the woman who is unable to drive you to church due to unexpected injury constitutes sin.

Try and make other arrangements if you can’t get a ride from her for a while, but for today, serve her and show Christ’s love.

There are many justified reasons for missing Sunday Mass. So long as these reasons are serious, one is dispensed from going to Mass. Consider, for example a doctor or nurse who has to spend a whole day at hospital. There are many other reasons. One must always do his best, but if you can’t go for the reasons you gave, then there is no sin.

Well stated.:thumbsup:

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