Is it still a sin if.....

If my parents tell me to lie or something ( I don’t want to talk to her on the phone right now so tell her i’m not home,etc.) or go work on Sunday, is it still a sin? Or is the extremety of the sin lessened or something? Or should i just not listen to my parents, which is also a sin?

What I tell my children to say is they cannot come to the phone, door right now may I take a message. This way you are not lying and you are expressing your parents wishes. This also works well when they are not home also.

I would suggest to stop thinking of sin as a “not to do” list. Anything that prevents or hinders the opportunity to express or experience goodness and charity should be avoided. The severity of any fault depends on the severity of the matter, free will, and knowledge of the act.

In your case (well mine too) yes there is the forth commandment “honour your father and your mother” however as a Christian you also have Jesus’ teaching “if any one loves father, mother…more than me they are not worthy of me” (paraphrasing).
So I would obey them but also have the courage, calmly and with charity, to tell them that I believe that what they are doing is wrong and wish not to take part of it any longer.
I am guessing you are in your teens and wish to earn a bit of money on the side and weekends are the only times that this is possible. Honestly I do not see much wrong with it as long as you still attend Mass and make special effort to make up the time during the week i.e. prayer and reflection. Some people will disagree and say Sunday is to be work free but sometimes people’s circumstances prevents us from doing this. Ofcourse if you could do with working Saturdays instead of Sundays then that is preferable.

Hope this helps


Although preferable this could still be a lie from “do not want to come” to “cannot come”. But I get what you are saying…mainly stirring.

As Jesus subjected Himself to the authority of His human parents, you’re subjected to the authority of yours. (If you’re a minor)

As Jesus was obedient to His parents, you must also be obedient to yours. So actually, the sin (or culpability), is of the parent who’s asking/telling you to lie.

However, if you don’t think you’d get in trouble for doing so; I’d inform your parents of how you feel about lying for them. And lying in general.

They might understand and respect your wishes.

God Bless!

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