Is it still a sin to be attached to a belonging if

… said belonging is any of the following:

1.) Deathly expensive or irreplaceable (e.g. a laptop with all your family pictures or an antique book that’s only one out of five in the world)

2.) Of great personal significance (e.g. family heirloom, a reminder of your deceased loved one, or an engagement ring)

3.) Very important (e.g. access card, credit card, driver’s license, or passport)

Just thought I’d ask cuz despite how much we should not care about material wealth, sometimes there are other more emotional, personal, or even legal reasons as to why people cling on to their belongings. Should these be considered exceptional or something?

it is not a sin to be attached to any of those things, or to any person, place or thing, if by attachment you mean you care about them, losing them would have an adverse effect on you, you have emotional, psychological, intellectual or other good reasons to cherish them. The sin comes in only when any or all of these people, places or things becomes more important than God, interferes with your love for God, or detaches you from your duty toward God.

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