Is it still worth it to ask for an indult?


A friend and I are thinking about approaching our bishop about having an indult TLM in our city, but considering that B-XVI may/will be releasing a Motu Proprio soon, is it still worth it to ask?

Pax Domini,

Yes, it is still worth asking about. Certainly no harm will come with asking, so what’s the problem? God bless.

It is especially “worth it” because His Holiness has been rumored to be releasing broader permission “soon” for most of his pontificate. I believe there really is something in the works this time, since he still hasn’t released the post-synodal exhortation which the motu proprio will supposedly accompany (and it’s been a loooong time since that synod), but the unfortunate reality is still that we have no idea when a permission might appear or what form it would take. In that light, it’s smart to follow a course of action that is known to work as opposed to one that may or may not materialize.

Our group is pursueing an Indult. We’ve gotten over 250 signitures on petitions, began collecting vestments, altar ware, linens, and all necessary equipment for a Mass, if and when our Archbishop grants us permission. Our presentation committee is preparing a powerpoint slide show to use. A group of men formed a Schola and we have an altar boy class of 15 youngsters ages 8-18 in training.

If even if we fail, at least it keeps us out of the “pool hall”.

If anyone has vestments they would like to donate to our group, you can contact me off forum.

YES! Go for it!

Yes, you should ask. If the MP is what has been rumored, it only frees the TLM to the extent that a priest has the freedom to say it without recourse to his bishop. No priest will be required to say it. Thus, an interest on the part of the laity may still be required to get the bishop to get in the FFSP or one of the societies or orders who do offer it.

Not only is it worth it…it is good for the Traditional Movement itself.

Voicing the demand for the TLM to the Bishops is always a good thing.

it most certainly is worth asking for an indult. no one knows when the motu proprio will be released, so definitely, ask for the indult.

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Thank you all for replying to my question, I appreciate all you’re advice. Hopefuly our efforts will be fruitful.

Pax Christi,

As long as you sow good seeds.

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