Is it the same thing?


Is saying “GD.” the same as Oh my God, Jesus Christ, Oh good Lord, etc.? Or what?


I have always been under the impression that saying “GD” fell under the umbrella of taking the Lord’s name in vain.

At least that’s what I have been told by my parents and a few others…


I have always understood “GD” to be the violation against judging others. It assumes that you have full knowledge of everything and decide that someone is condemned and deserves punishment, hence the phrase “GD you.”

As far as saying things like “GD it,” I think that is an unreflected ejaculation without any serious intent. Most often, it is a habit that people tend to fall into that, for whatever reason, is very hard to break. I don’t like it, personally, but I think there are worse things that can be said. I am very offended by “Jesus Christ!” as an ejaculation because we all know who Jesus is and, in deference to the Holy Name, should never use it in such a mundane, thoughtless way. “Oh, my God” and “Good lord” are (to me) just things that people use without any ill intent, much like the use of “sacre bleu.”


I would say that yes, it takes the Lords name in vain. I don’t know if you listen to podcasts but there is one called “catholic stuff you should know” And in a recent cast about this very subject they conclude that taking something holy and profaning it with common or exclamatory usage is indeed wrong.


Hi KindraDZ1902

Did you know that the Hebrews in the Old Testament times so revered God that they never pronounced His name? They spelled Yahweh without vowels so that they could write His name but not be able to pronouce it. Such was their respect, love and honor for Him.

Also, the 2nd commandment is important: Do Not Take the Name of the Lord in Vain. In vain in this case means even for silly reasons that are of no-good use.

So, yeah, I’d tend to say His name when speaking about Him or when praying. I think any other usage is not respectful to our Creator.

Sometimes I say “Oh my God” when I’m horrified in hearing something to call out for His mercy but I’m starting to realize that this is also not really right since the other person may take it the wrong way - like as an expression.

God bless you


Words have meaning. Words, once spoken are very difficult to take back.
That’s why it’s called “cursing”. You are literally cursing someone to hell.
Bad form.
Really bad.
People try to minimize the damage by calling it “cussin”. But it’s just whitewashing the same bad practice.
It’s a difficult habit to break once begun though. We have a tough time getting the teens of the parish to knock off with the bad words. :frowning:


So all are equal? Or do you confess that you said “GD” but not “Oh my God!” ? And if all are equal why does no one bat an eye when you say, “Oh Jesus,” but “GD” makes people freak out?


People get so used to saying “oh my God” that they don’t think they sinned by it.
So no, they don’t confess it.
But we should.
I said OMG! the other day in the hallway and my pastor got upset with me. :blush:


The commandment of using the Lord’s Name in vain is more than just using the common phrase you mention here, but I do think what you state here implies a total disregard for the things that God has done by using His image as not worth much … and so, yes, I believe it is the same.

Its like seeing or hearing someone put your father down… not really kind thing to do, even if meant as a joke or no harm meant. Good father’s do a lot for their children- they sacrifice a lot. By respecting God’s name, we show respect to God and thus glorify Him.


Yes, same here… If I’m around a lot of people doing it, I find myself doing it too. :frowning: It just sort of happens.

I don’t remember where- either Scripture or a saint- but it said a holy person governs their tongue. They have a firm reign over it.

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