Is it the same when a Christian or a Muslim help the homeless?


I am referring to just say a Catholic and a Muslim person both helped the homeless due to feeling compassion for them.
In this instance are they both doing it through Christ/Christs will and work (even if the Muslim does not know it or see it this way)?


Anyone that helps the homeless, the poor and the sick have opened their hearts to their sisters and brothers who are less fortunate then them…I don’t think it would be proper to discuss the difference in religions. What a man feels in his heart is compassion and that results in taking care of one another God has given each one of us the gift of life and we all have His love within our hearts. God bless you…


@Rozellelily , you ask “Is it the same when a Christian or a Muslim help the homeless?”

I say yes for they both do the will of the Father by this work of mercy .

You question brings to my mind the words of Jesus who said , "“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”


The same in what way?

With regards to salvation?
With regards to the goodness of the act?
With regards to the affect on the receiver?
With regards to the presence of the Holy Spirit?



I guess to a Muslim it would probably seem that way:)

I’m just looking at it from a Christian perspective.
but I’m not saying that how I believe is necessarily right/objective truth.
Each person has their own humble belief and does their best according to that and the law is written on each persons heart so to speak (about how to treat people,right and wrong etc)

I also don’t mean the question from the angle of Christianity being “morally superior” but rather from the Catholic belief that people can sometimes be “Catholic in spirit” without knowing it or being formally part of the Catholic Church.



Thanks.Great questions.
In regards to all of them.


Remember the story - that Jesus spoke - that someone got beat up -
and two or three people - saw him - 1/2 unconscious - on the ground -
they passed him by - EVEN a Priest !
They say the Priest passed by him - because the victim had already been robbed.
Jesus hinted - at whoever helps - is worthy of God’s love :innocent:


of course its the same


No. It’s not the same. A baptised person is fully open to the grace of the Lord and is doing things like this as it is God’s will, and because the person is made in the image of god and has inherent dignity.

A Muslim doesn’t have this knowledge or belief. While they might do good, it could not have the same spiritual implications, if you will, as a Catholic. They may be saved, but it would be in spite of their beliefs.

Christianity is morally superior to Islam though. Unless Islam is the truth and Christianity the lie. But to be honest my study of Islam has led me to believe even more strongly in my own Catholic faith.


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