Is It Time for a US Christian Democracy Party?


Is It Time for a US Christian Democracy Party? by Fr. Dwight Longenecker

[quote=Fr. Longenecker]Perhaps the decay of the two main parties is the best thing to happen to the political scene in the USA. Then something new and fresh could rise from the ashes. Maybe in the aftermath of a Trump or Clinton presidency Christians of all denominations and from both political parties could rally to a new banner. Christian Democracy parties are influential across Europe and Latin America. Inspired by Catholic social teaching, the Christian Democracy parties are right of center on social and cultural issues and left of center on economic and justice issues.

I hope this is an acceptable article for starting this thread, as it’s the closest I could find to my intended topic.

Fr. Longenecker mentions the American Solidarity Party. I just read through the principles, platform positions and other information on their website and I’m intrigued. They have an online convention July 8-10. Before I potentially get involved, I’d like to see if anyone on CAF knows more.

I didn’t see any old threads about the ASP (just a few scattered comments). Obviously virtually everyone involved is likely to be Christian, but I am specifically trying to get an idea of how Catholic its current configuration might be (I get the sense it’s pretty high based on what I’m seeing on their Facebook page and group).

If anyone has any personal experience, please post, even if it’s just having followed them on Facebook. And as the OP, I’d ask that this thread NOT become a place to debate the value of third parties in the U.S. and make dire warnings about how any vote for a third party only functions to hurt the Democratic or Republican standard-bearer. There’s plenty of that in the other political threads. Let’s keep this limited to discussion of the ASP and information about it.

I did also find a “nascent American political party” called the Christian Democratic Union, but their site doesn’t look like it’s been updated since 2013, so I assume it is inactive.


While a Christian Democracy party sounds good, they would unfortunately never have a realistic chance at winning big elections. :sad_yes:


The Christian Democrats were the force behind the rebuilding of much of Wedtern Eutope post WWII.
Maybe we could save this country post Bush/Obsma/Clintton or Trump
I’m on board


I would love to see a Christian, or even better, a specifically Catholic party in the US, much like Germany and the “Centre Party” before WWII.



Where are you going to start with the electoral overhauls required to do something like this?


The USA isn’t a theocracy so this won’t happen.


I greatly admire many of the Constitution Party’s stances. They seem very Christian to me!:thumbsup:

Probably the only big issue I disagree with them on is immigration.


Not a theocracy, true. But Christians have just as much right to vote for those who advocate for Christian principles as atheists do to advocate for those who advocate for atheist principles. The Constitution prohibits an establishment of religion, i.e., a state religion, yet in many ways we now have a semi-official established religion of secularism. Heresies against secularism tend to get punished. Public schools are forbidden to advocate any other religion except for secularism, the established religion.


If you want to ensure that conservatism will die, start a Christian party. It will never top 25% in an election.

The reason why they work in Europe is that they have a Parliamentary proportional elections. A few can get elected and traditional mainstream parties have to bargain with them if they want their candidate to become the Prime Minister.

America does not have this type of government.

Having a party that will separate socially conservative people from traditional conservatives will ensure that the US will soon be a Socialist nation.




Having social conservatism tethered to the causes of Big Money, guns and needless war has harmed social conservatism incalculably.


Do you prefer Socialism or traditional Conservatism. Make your choice. It is one or the other.


Absolutely wrong. There have been plenty of examples of candidates who were conservative on social issues and “liberal” on economic issues.


The trouble with this idea is that Christianity as it exists today (as a whole, not just Catholics) is too beholden to worldly cultural / political interests. Moreover, with Protestants outnumbering Catholics in terms of economic and social “clout” (plus the whole question of Mormonism), what would this party’s platform be? What would their stances be on issues such as abortion and birth control? Where would they stand on divorce, gay marriage / civil unions and so on? Would they be a genuine alternative, or simply a Republican Party “lite”? :confused:


RPRPsych, as one answer to your question, the American Solidarity Party has much of that info listed on their website and by my reading they deftly straddle the conservative/liberal line much like the Church herself does.

On issues such as abortion, gay marriage and the like, they are in line with Republican ideals. On the range of issues like environmentalism, economics and immigration, I’d say they take a Pope Francis-like approach.

A few short documents worth reading to get a sense of how they approach it:



Very interesting! I think I shall have to study them more carefully. Thank you, Wampa. :slight_smile:


Maybe we need to shift that way, if we ever want our nation to become moral again. Conservatism, at least in America, is tied to a culture of corporate greed, unjust wars, and exploitation of the poor. Right now, Catholics in America and dealing with one devil, so we can fight another.

I saw the American Solidarity Party before. If they had a candidate, I’d write them in.


I find this so interesting because I think you’re right about the perception, but the facts tell a different story.

Both parties are tied to huge corporate money, not just the Republicans.
Both parties voted for and continue this war.
Those areas most solidly Democratic are the most socio-economically devastated areas in the country.

The Democrats are selling ice to eskimo’s and the Republicans can’t sell ice cream in the tropics…


It seems to be based directly on Catholic Social teaching and may be influenced by distributism. It is very progressive economically but conservative socially.

I’ve been keeping my eye on them. I will most likely vote for them depending on who they pick to run.

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