Is it time we welcome the gay community to ours?

I’m a definite believer yes they should. Lets be honest the popularity of the church is declining at an alarming rate. And we need to get people excited about coming again and not chastise any walk of life we deem unfit.

Ps. I’m straight and catholic

So what is your view?

My view is no we shouldn’t, one thing I love about being Catholic is we never back down on our views. The church teaching your talking about is dogma, it’s something they can’t ever change. These are really bad times we’re living in, and now especially is not the time to make changes.

The church has always welcomed the gay community. But they are subject to the same regulations as every other catholic must fulfill…purity. If the church made an exception to this then it would be remiss in carrying out the mission of Jesus to sanctify them but every catholic as well.

But they are still welcome to come to our spiritual hospital.

That is my view.

Gay people are welcome, but the sin of gay sex is not approved

Single straight people who have pre-marital sex are welcome, but the sin of pre-marital sex is not approved

People who masturbate are welcome, but the sin of masturbation is not approved

Thieves are welcome, but the sin of theft is not approved

Sinners are welcome, but sins are not approved.

there is a saying, God loves you just the way you are but He loves you too much to let you stay that way. I am assuming that what you mean by “welcoming” is that someone can do whatever they want to be a Catholic. This has nothing to do with popularity. God’s design for sex is between a man and a women IN marriage and anything else is a sin.
God’s call all of us sinners to change and to following God’s plan for sex and marriage and children.

Gays have never been other than welcome in the church—I believe Pope Francis addressed that very point quite eloquently not long ago. However, there is no way that the church can or will ever condone, accept or officiate at a gay marriage ceremony as same sex marriage is a mortal sin and against God’s own natural law. So, if you mean, should we reach out to all sinners–of course we should. If 2 men or 2 women walk into mass together should we 3rd degree them or question whether they are straight or gay behind their backs? Again, of course not. It’s not for us to judge. I am as big a sinner as you’ll ever find. I am the last person who should judge anyone. BUT, if you mean should we change church doctrine to please Obama or secular PC society–no. Absolutely not.!

The Church does not have to maintain its popularity.

It states publicly was is and is not moral conduct, and that makes it very unpopular at certain times and in certain places, by those opposed to its voice.

The Church welcomes all sinners. The Church also gives the opportunity to be forgiven.

The issue is not with the Church, but with some members on both sides of the issue. If a member has extreme views on either side it is wrong. The focus of the Church should be prayer, worshp and the perfection of souls, and to deny this to anyone is wrong, as it causes sin on our own souls.

Jesus Himself welcomed Mary Magdelene, and wanted others without sin to cast the first stone. Let’s not be stone throwers, but follow Jesus’ teachings. Perhaps then, we can prevent others from sinful lifestyles when they become more familiar with the love and understanding, and forgiveness that the Catholic Church was built upon.


Just for reference, can you cite documents on this dogma? Could be helpful.

The Bible CLEARLY states that marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman. You can pick your gospel and the subject comes up–or just read Paul’s epistles and what he says about homosexuality. The information is too obvious and too available for me to waste time and a half a page quoting scripture and verse. If you are Catholic–or if you have read the NT–much less the OT–you know what God has said abut homosexuality. The church is not anti same sex attraction, it is PRO-GOD!! I do have my own opinion on the subject frankly, but I’m not here to promote my opinion–as that is all it is–my opinion. However, I do NOT believe that people are “born gay”. And yes, I do have some experience in this area–as my own youngest daughter is living as a lesbian with a woman she says she will marry–and yes my heart is broken and of course I’d love to find some way to make it “okay” in my mind and heart. It would be one helluva lot easier on my husband and I than the opposite option–which is to take the necessary stand with her and hope she will change someday-- maybe, and God willing. So when I say that anyone can plainly find the church’s teaching and the reason for the teaching, it’s not because I am just some old conservative, homophobic right winger with a tolerance deficit. I’m a sad mother who would love to be able to twist the truth more than you know–but the truth remains the truth—even for me and even for my much loved, but in deep trouble, daughter. And in this world of convenient lies–the Catholic church still stands for the truth. Thank heaven and thank heaven also that it won’t change–not for you, not for me, and not even for my daughter.!:shrug:

As the Apostle says, “do not even eat with such a one”. As Scripture says of the sexually immoral, “abhore even their clothing”.

Unless the immoral person repents, we should not embrace and welcome them as acceptable members of the community. Though we are all sinners, those practicing immorality, especially publicly, must repent.

Although Jesus came to save sinners and often “ate and drank with them”, Jesus says in the Gospels, “Unless you repent, you shall all likewise perish.”

Lest anyone think that Sodom and Gomorrah are Old Testament and pastence, St. Paul says, the “sodomite”, the “unchaste” will not enter Heaven.

Besides, even if you don’t accept the Gospel and the Apostles and Scripture, homosexuality is disgusting! Why would you want to keep company with it?

The term “gay community” makes it sound like something organized and acceptable. Saint Paul does not address the sodomite community, the idolater community, the fornicator community, etc in the early Church, but instead says “…that is what some of you ONCE WERE.” I pray that all believers identify themselves by their spiritual identity of adopted children of God rather than by something that can only be truly defined by sinful behavior. If you start accepting people on the basis of their “community” which is based on something disordered, don’t be surprised when they act as a “community” to demand special rights.

I add to the above a specific command of St. Paul [1 Cor 5:9], “I wrote to you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people”

This is not a popularity contest. So the “popularity” of the Church is not a reason to change teaching…Though it may be a factor in determining the best way to approach a given subject. In this regard I think that the Church is doing the best she can…though some individual Catholics may not be doing so hot…

And we need to get people excited about coming again and not chastise any walk of life we deem unfit.

I agree that we need to help others to be excited about the faith. However - think carefully about the second part of your statement.
Do you really think that we should not chastise any “walk of life”?
I’m sure that you do not believe this - that there are “walks of life” that you would consider to be entirely unacceptable for a Catholic.

That said - it is not “we” who deem the homosexual lifestyle to be unfit, it is God. The Church teaches what God gives us.

As others have already said…people with SSA are quite welcome in the Church, just as those who are attracted to other sinful behaviors are welcome. I’m sure that there are many in our parishes who suffer from SSA to one degree or another, just as there are those who struggle with other forms of fornication, or gambling or drinking or drugs or any of a host of other sins.
We may not know who these people are simply because many will wish to keep their sin and their struggles to themselves and their confessor.

That’s my view.


Sadly this is the same path the rest of the world are heading down, if the church starts accepting sin and changing its beliefs, there would be no limits.

Maybe after the homosexual community gets all their worldly rights and are accepted into every niche, than maybe the pedophiles will start ‘coming out’ demanding their rights be respected and accepted, there are likely millions of pedophiles in the world, most remain in the ‘closet’ though, as it is viewed as completely wrong and unacceptable, but if you look back at history, homosexuality was in the same boat up until recently…what happens next??

Do you see my point?

It seems to be in some parishes. There was a picture of Cardinal Dolan attending a “gay mass” and by the look on this face he seemed to enjoy it.:confused:

I appreciate this post. Well put.

The Church is a hospital for those suffering and sick with sin, it closes the door to no one that seeks God. All are welcome.

“As some of you once were…” but are not now. Thanks be to God.

I agree Deus tecum nailed it.


IMHO, any member of the gay community
is welcome to take his or her place
standing in front of me or behind me
in the confession line.


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