Is it too early to use sacramentals if I am in RCIA?


I have been attending Mass since around Easter but I am only now in RCIA. I have been reading and studying the faith as much as I can and would like to make a home altar and hang a few Crucifixes in my home but feel kind of weird about it because I’m not yet Catholic. I have also been praying the Rosary on a set of Rosary beads but have not had them blessed for the same reason.

Is it too early in my faith to do these things and if it’s ok what needs to be blessed and what items are ok not being blessed?


Not too early! If you are drawn to them, by all means use them. The only thing you have to wait for is reception of the sacraments. (And they’re well worth the wait!)

God bless you on your journey into the Catholic Church. Welcome!


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting the items blessed now, and there’s definitely nothing wrong with praying the rosary now. Nothing needs to be blessed before use.

Welcome home! :slight_smile:


Nope, nothing wrong with using sacramentals at this stage in your spiritual life. :slight_smile:


Go for it - there’s nothing wrong with doing any of these things, while in RCIA - in fact, it’s probably the perfect time to start developing these good habits. :slight_smile:


To my understanding, anyone can use sacramentals. I prayed the Rosary for about a year or two before swimming the Tiber, and anyone can use Holy Water or Crucifixes.


i was brought into the Church BY the Rosary.
in fact, it has been recommended, by popes, Saints, and more as a tool for conversion!

i assure you that it is not only acceptable, its a GREAT IDEA! the Rosary is a shield against heresy, and a great teaching tool. i will also state that i started wearing a scapular, (blessed) before i even entered the RCIA… my priest thought it was wonderful

the only thing i will say is that you will likely encounter people who will assume you are a Catholic if they see you with a Rosary. WWwaaaaay back when i was just starting to make Rosaries… i wasnt very well educated on the topic (i was a jewelry maker, not very religious). i ended up learning about the Rosary because i had Catholics… cradle Catholics! asking ME how to pray the Rosary…

so you might want to be prepared to answer some basic questions… or do what i did, carry hand outs


Is that true about the holy water - even if you are not baptized? Because I’ve been avoiding blessing myself with the holy water while entering and leaving church, since I’m not baptized yet and didn’t know if it would be acceptable. I get odd looks from others sometimes because of it.


As far as i know…

the only reason to not use basic sacramentals (common items that you would encounter , say, entering a church… or commonly available like holy water and rosaries) would be if you were using them in some inappropriate manner.

if, for example, you are going into a church, as an NON believer… for a funeral say… then you might well be advised to not use the Holy water (assuming you even thought to do so) because it was disrespectful. this is not the case with you.

while you certainly, as someone not yet baptized, will not be “calling to mind your baptism” when blessing yourself with Holy water… you CAN call to mind “Baptism” and contemplate the reasons you are going to be Baptized… and consider the meaning of Baptism… and ask for Gods blessing.

now … thats just my opinion. when in doubt ask your priest or RCIA sponsor.

but i am sure about the Rosary , since i have spoken to some very highly regarded scholars on that topic.


(see bold above)

YOU ARE CATHOLIC. You chose to come home. You are NOW catholic do not let anyone tell you otherwise. You only have to go thru the official initiative rites. But, you ARE catholic.

WELCOME HOME! :slight_smile:

And as others have said… By all means use any sacrimentals you are atracted too.

I would get invested in the brown scapular. Say a rosary daily. Get as miraculous medel. And a Medel of your chosen patron saint (Personally I am a little one of St. Therese :slight_smile: )

God Bless you and again WELCOME HOME! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

– Cadian :knight1:



Yes, since you are in the process of conversion, you are Catholic in spirit. Remember, we’re all Catholics at heart. :slight_smile:

I agree that you should definitely get invested in the brown scapular. The benefits are enormous. The medals would be great to get, too, if you’re able. I’m in the process of getting a Holy Spirit medal and a Saint Cecilia medal.


I believe it is acceptible. If in doubt, ask a priest.

To my knowledge, Holy Water itself is not a Sacrament—it becomes so when you are given Baptism.


I used the sacramentals when I was coming into the church a couple years of years ago. I almost saw them as a little preview of the sacraments I was going to receive.


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