Is it too late to pray for somebody?


My dad passed away about seven years ago. He was a non-practicing reform Jew. I didn’t pray for him at the time because I was an atheist then, but do you think it is too late to pray for his soul?


No. God can apply our prayers whenever and wherever they are most needed, including seven years ago.


No, not at all, it is quite common to say prayers for the deceased in our lives.


I try to pray for the deceased daily and I just wanted to let you know that I said a prayer for your father as well.


As time is no barrier to God, I usually ask Jesus to go to the person at their moment of death and to show Himself and His love and mercy; to give them the grace to accept Him; then for Him to welcome them into heaven. You know about Baptism of Desire?That would be their baptism ie the longing they have in that instant for him.


Perhaps your father has been waiting for you to pray for him.


Adding my prayers for your father.


I hope not. My Father (Lutheran) died in 1962, and it wasn’t until 2007 that I became a Catholic and had a set of Gregorian Masses prayed for him.


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