Is it true Irish Monks saved Christianity in 7th-8th AD?


Because of rampant corruption among priests in the church, the Irish monks with their discipline saved the Catholic Church in the continent. Anyone else knows about this?


I don’t think corruption was the problem that St. Patrick’s lads fixed as much as restoring civilization and learning to Europe after the "dark ages’ caused by the rampant sack of Europe by the barbarians, disease, and all the attendant problems of that.

I know that scientific farming had been largely lost as well as most all the centers of learning in Europe. The complexion of the whole world might very well have been much different had it not been for the Irish monks. Naturally along with their other learning also returned the Word of God and the preaching of the Gospel.

Stop and consider…what were the main centers of learning in Europe and most of the rest of the world before the Huns came along? And they made a point of sacking and burning the churches, monasteries, and convents all along the way.
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I don’t remember zactly the author’s name (Cahill?), but he wrote a little book call How the Irish Saved Civilization. Might be of intereest.


Well, it’s really the Holy Spirit. God promised that the gates of Hell would never prevail.

But it is true that the Holy Spirit empowered a LOT of Irish monks in that work.

I think we might see Africa performing the same role in the 21st century. Re-evanglizing Europe as the Irish did in the 7thc.



There is even some evidence of a missionary effort to the “Western Continents” :cool:

sack of Europe by the barbarians, disease, and all the attendant problems of that.

Definitely the problem. Ireland was isolated from much of that. Cahill says, and I agree, that the literacy rate in Ireland was probably higher than any other European country during that time.


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The period after the barbarian conquests is called the “Dark Ages” because we have virtually no written records from that era – learning, including reading and writing virtually perished from Europe. The barbarians were, of course, mostly pagan.
Ireland was never conquered by the Romans, nor over-run by the barbarians (until the English came along.) The Irish spread learning throughout Northern Europe, Christianizing many barbarian nations (including the English) and establishing monasteries and centers of learning in England, Scotland, Germany, France, Italy and other nations.


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