Is it true that a Pope once said pop and rock music were anti-Christian?


So I’m Catholic and I really like to listen to pop music and occasionally rock. I always make sure that the lyrics are clean and that the song doesn’t cause me to sin. But recently I read that there was a Pope who called pop and rock music anti-Christian? Is this true, and if it is, does that mean that it’s sinful to listen to these types of music?


I read that Elvis was alive in Texas: it doesen’t make it true.

There are a lot of lies concerning the Church out there.


These genres sometimes have anti-Christian themes but I guess it’s okay to listen to the ones that aren’t crude or vulgar or anything like that.


You just had a thread on this. Please do not start multiple threads on the same topic.


Please consult your other thread made earlier this week.


What Pope Benedict said was that rock music was unsuitable for use as Church music. He didn’t say anything about listening to it at other times, or dancing to it, or whatever. Except in Church.

From memory, I think someone already gave you that answer on the other thread you started on the same subject, so now you’ve had your question answered twice over, which ought to be enough for anybody.


In this question, I’m not really worried about what Pope Benedict said, but I heard that Pope John Paul II said something about it.


How silly.
He was spotted in Gatlinburg in Mid-July


Did you? I didn’t.


Dear, you need to stop. This is not the place to look for your answer. Talk to a priest.

More importantly, if you haven’t taken this to prayer, that is your number one mistake. Pray about it and chill out.

God bless


Did you hear it from this guy:

If so, he’s a troll. You shouldn’t listen to him.


I meant, I read it in a legitimate news article. I’ve never seen that image before in my life :smiley:


Not Texas, not Tennessee. It was in Utah.


I saw him when I was in Richmond, VA. He was trying to return something at a Walmart. They refused.


Where and when did you read it?


It was on a news website, quite an old article. I believe the website was the Telegraph?


Well, without knowing or seeing the article, I say it’s irrelevant and false.


OK, here’s your answer:

No Pope ever made any sweeping generalization about any particular genre of music. Ever.


Furthermore, The Catechism of the Catholic Church (that’s a book that sums up the Truth and Beauty of our faith) does not condemn ANY genre of music, and it does not call “sin” listening to ANY genre of music.

Time to move on.

And if you can’t move on, turn off your computer and seek professional help.


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:


Was he writing this in an encyclical or apostolic letter? Was this a dogmatic proclamation?

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