Is it true that church were infalliable?


Is it true when The Church especially the catholic church claim that all its teaching was infalliable? i’m asking this because i’ve read an article telling that once upon a time europe continet were fall in to dark aged…its occured just because the church prohibit people at that time to announce/come with their own brand new idea or invetion in science or something related to science knowledge,with the reason it’s againts with the church law…But now we can see the advantage of science in human life…so if europe fall in dark age caused by the wrong teaching of the church at that time then,as for me church is not really that infalliable isn’t…Got any opinion about it’s?



To err is human, since church is run by many a clergy, so it cannot be infalliable, logically.



Let’s follow your argument: to err is human => Mohamed was a human => logically, Islam cannot be infallible and is not entirely true.
You forget that the Church is guided by God Himself, as He promised (and His promises are true).

the Middle Ages weren’t as dark as some might want to portray them (I think this myth started with Enlightenment, which believed to have achieved the height of human potency); often it’s just a reason to badmouth the Catholic Church.
The fact is that the Catholic Church was the one that helped Europe not to spiral into chaos (in the sense of politics, science and art), which seemed to be its course after rise of the Barbarian tribes and the fall of the Roman Empire. It was the Church that established universities and hospitals, helped the poor and supported art and science. And the Catholic Church has never made an official teaching against science (if there have been any, its been against ethical and theological abuse of science). Even the infamous Galileo’s case wasn’t against his scientific discoveries (the Church was supporting Copernicus and his heliocentric theory), but against some of his theological conclusions.
Also, for the Catholic Church infallibility doesn’t mean that everything that the clergy (including the Pope) says must be true, but that when the Pope makes an official declaration of faith or morals, then that declaration must be true.


The infallable Holy Spirit guides the Catholic Church in matters of faith and morals. The Pope, when he makes a pronouncement on matters of faith and morals, is prevented from error by the Holy Spirit. This is true when the Pope exercises his authority from the Chair of Peter.

It is only the Catholic Church that is infallable. The Catholic Church is the One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church founded by Christ. She is the true Church of God. All of the other churches have fallen into error since their separation from the Catholic Church.


To not err is Godly, since the Church is guided by God it can be infallible, logically. :wink:

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