Is it true that I cannot receive Holy Communion now that I am divorced

Is it indeed true that now that I am divorced I can no longer receive communion. I made my confirmation as well as my first communion as an adult through RCIA. I want to be accepted as a true catholic and I feel now that I am divorced that I cant participted in receiving. I know that the only way is to get an annulment but it is possible that it wouldnt be affirmed and I would still be left to be forever unforgiven in the church’s eyes. What about God’s eyes. Will I ever be forgiven. Sorry to go on but there are so many questions that I have

Dear friend,

If you are living in a celibate way, you may certainly receive the sacraments. But unless or until your previous marriage is annulled by the Catholic Church, you may not attempt marriage because you are still considered to be married.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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