* is it true that ROSARIES with BROKEN CROSSES should be burned?


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Is it true that Rosaries with Broken Crosses (not intentionally broken, may have been from pocket placings, or etc.)

should be burned? My friend was wearing a rosary with a broken cross, when a Catholic Priest saw this, he approached my friend and said “you should burn that”, then my friend asked why, the priest then said “because the cross is broken”.

Is this true? should we burn our rosaries (blessed and not blessed) with broken crosses/cruxifix?



During the 1800s, the Sacred Congregation for the Sacraments and Divine Worship and the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (under its original title) ruled concerning sacramentals. Palm Sunday palms should be burned. Damaged crosses and medals and broken rosaries or religious statues should be buried where they will not be disturbed. If this a problem ask your priest to dispose of them.
One shouldn’t just throw out sacramentals.

I did read an entry where a priest said that such objects should be burned, but it’s safe to follow the above directions. The proper disposal of blessed votive candles and other blessed devotionals is to burn them (especially candles) or to bury them.



I haven’t been doing that! I have a Marian medal that was once very heavy and warm during a time of spiritual warfare. It no longer is. I keep it around instead of throwing it out. Should I do so? :shrug:


One could also buy a new crucifix and replace the broken one, or, send it to someone who repairs rosaries.


This would be my suggestion, as well. Remove the broken crucifix… bury it in a safe place (perhaps a beautiful flower bed?); and then, put a new crucifix on the rosary. I would then, have the rosary blessed again.

God bless.


We have a backyard statue of the blessed mother. It was never blessed but still has great value. Unfortunately it has fallen in to disrepair and our attempt to patch it has only made it look worse. It seems disrespectful to have a statue on display which is falling apart.

Should we bury this when we buy a replacement?

Mary is about 3 feet high. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. We love the virgin mother and want to do the appropriate thing.



I don’t see why not. Bury the old statue under the new one, deep down so it remains undisturbed. That’d be my choice.


You are not obliged to dispose of a broken sacramental, such as a broken crucifix on a rosary. If that were the case many second class relics would have to be disposed of.

Among others, I have a mother-of-pearl rosary with the corpus missing but I still like to say the rosary with it. If it is a vintage or antique rosary I would not recommend replacing the crucifix otherwise the whole rosary will lose its integrity (and value).

I remember one of our nuns at school, she was reputed to be 90 years old, she once accidentally broke two of the three strands of her belt rosary. The two she broke terminated in medals, the remaining one terminated in a crucifix. She refused to have it repaired and from then on was the only nun with a single strand belt rosary. They said that she believed the one with her crucified saviour was sufficient.


I make and repair rosaries, so if anyone has a rosary they want repaired (including attaching a new crucifix), please send me a private message.


The rosary left to me by my Great Great Aunt - one day the crucifix was missing…it’s very old and has a lot of meaning so I kept it and still carried it around with me. A month later- it fell apart and I repaired it… It fell apart again. I still carry it around with me, is that okay?

Also, I purchased two more rosaries back in March at the same time because I couldn’t make up my mind and liked them both… They both fell apart within 1 -2 weeks. I had one repaired which lasted about 2 weeks; about a week and it came apart again. So, I repaired it and then suddenly more than half of it was
gone. . . ( I will admit that due to some difficult times -I had been sleeping with one of them on… And if I’m going to be completely honest . . . Sometimes during the day if it was more stressful than others, but I did always try and make certain it was tucked under my blouse so no one would think it was a jewelry statement) I thought as long as you weren’t wearing it as jewelry-like a diamond cross necklace- that was okay? )

Why do they keep falling apart? I know they don’t “make things like they did”… But, three in three months? Would I be better spending a couple of hundred on one instead?


I’d just replace the crucifix and bury the old one; with the popularity of rosaries in fashion, you can find parts in places like Hobby Lobby and Walmart now.

Nanabelle, you might do better with a knotted cord rosary; they’re very durable. The rosary army sends them free to anyone who asks.


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Nanabelle, you might do better with a knotted cord rosary; they're very durable. The rosary army sends them free to anyone who asks.


Thank you so much for the advice and the link. I believe I will do both. Clearly, I need a knotted rosary and after looking at their site, I really would like one from them. Thank you so very much. :)


No prob. :slight_smile:

And whoa, I just noticed this thread is old… lol, I doubt the OP needed my advice there.


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