Is it true that time does not exist?

I have been trying to explain to a friend of mine that time does not exist.

God cannot be bound by time, because if He were He would have no beginning or end. Therefore, I think that everything happens in the same instant, but we as human beings somehow see it in sequence.

First, I wanted to know if I am correct on this, and second, I wanted to know if there is anything official written by the church that I can show my friend.

God bless

Dear S,

Yes and no. Yes, God is not bound by time. No, time DOES exist. God created it and is not subject to it, though WE are. The moment we speak of sequence, we are speaking of time. In fact the moment we say “moment” we are speaking of time. Though modern physics has its own definitions of time, St. Thomas Aquinas’ definition of time as “the measure of motion” works for me.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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