Is it true that Vatican approves this???


Tell me it ain’t so.


I believe liturgical dance is allowed before Mass and afterward, but not to be used in a way that detracts from the solemnity of worshipping Our Lord.


Apparently (from what little I can translate with my high school Spanish), this was not a Mass but some sort of exposition. So, at least this dancing around the altar didn’t happen in the Mass. Still, I doubt it was approved by the Vatican.

It seems more likely to be something planned by the “congressional meeting” it was a part of (at least that’s what I got from the little I could understand of the words explaining what this was). Hopefully, someone with better language skills can fill us in on what this was supposed to be, although I highly doubt it was the sort of thing the Vatican would have approved.

This has also been discussed on the board–several times, I think. A search might turn up some of those threads.


When was the last time you saw so many people gathered for Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament? We cannot judge this expression of Eucharistic piety because it represents a culture very different from our own. I see enthusiasm for the real presence of Christ. What harm?


It really seems like a question of, “If Jesus appeared before you, what would you do?” Some might kneel; some might run to Him and hug him; some might sing; some might dance. Reminds me of the song “I Can Only Imagine” by MercyMe.

You need to realize that cultures throughout the world are different. The way one culture praises and worships might be pretty different from another culture.

From what I saw, nothing detracted from or disrespected Christ’s holiness, divinity, kingship, or anything else. But who are we to judge? I’m sure the local bishops and archbishops will right and wrongs if there are any.

If you don’t feel something is right or good, pray about it; make sure to pray to Him with an open heart – one that is open to hear things you might not want to hear; let the Holy Spirit flood your heart so as to not box God off. If you are still weary of what you have seen, talk to your priest or deacon… and if needs be, you could write your bishop.

In Christ.


I do not believe the Vatican would approve of what happen there.


This has also been discussed on the board–several times, I think. A search might turn up some of those threads.

A search will not work, Della, because the moderator erased the thread from the TC forum. Apparently someone thought it might be acceptable in L&S. The problem is that there is no documentation as to authorship, authenticity, worship setting or anything else for that matter. I doubt this is in accord with forum rules to just blindly post something seen on the internet without any background explaining it. More or less a teaser to generate “Jeesh, the Church is at it again!”


A prior thread on this same topic:


As I understand it, the topic was considered irrelevant to the TC forum and had already been seen on other fora. That’s what I remember about it, anyway. :slight_smile:

As to any introduction, the video itself has a couple of introductory sentences but they’re in either Spanish or Portuguese (or so I’m guessing). So, unless someone can read what those sentences say, most of us here are going to be clueless as to the setting, purpose, occasion for the liturigal dance shown in the video. :shrug:


Edited to add: I am assuming that this was not the celebration at Holy Mass, but part of a Eucharistic Benediction with Exposition. Such dancing withinin the structure of Mass is explicitly prohibited.

I watched the video in its entirety. Two things disturbed me greatly: 1) The priest could very easily have tripped or fallen and dropped the monstrance. 2) The gowns that the girls were wearing were thin – you could clearly see black bikini underwear of one girl through the fabric.

I don’t doubt the sincerity of the congregation. It is wonderful to see so many young people on fire for the Lord. Their Web site appears devout. They are part of the Charismatic Movement, and Charismatic celebrations are frequently more demonstrative than other celebrations.

My problems, as I stated above, were the very real possibility of dropping the Holy Eucharist, and inappropriate clothing of some of the dancers.



But the more pomp and circumstance is added to the rite of Exposition and Adoration, the less sure one can be that the purpose of attending the rite is the Eucharist itself.

How do we know people aren’t drawn to the dancing and clapping more than the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar?

And I couldn’t help but wonder, watching that video, what might happen if someone stepped on the priest’s garments as they were dancing. The proper rite takes great care of the Host. Running with it? Jumping with it? Twirling it around? This is just asking for a disastrous accident.


The video is from Brazil and if I remember correctly it was from a hybrid Catholic/Protestant group that considers themselves to be spiritual Jews. The video has been around for a while and has been discussed to death on this and other forums.


[quote=Walking_Home]A prior thread on this same topic:…light=congress

No wonder I had not seen it; I was not yet a member during the period of this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:


Re Danza Liturgica

This thread is now closed:

  1. It has been posted more than once and dates from 2006.

  2. The thread introduction is devoid of any real context, cultural or liturgical, and as previous discussions indicated, appears to be from an event in South America, rather than a Mass and insofar as anyone can tell is not affiliated with mainstream Catholicism.

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