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i always hear that Christian birth rate in the “West” is in decline due to family problem/values; yet i see many posters with large families:D Can anyone give me a better view of things? we all know Islam depends on numbers to conquer, so i wanted to know what’s going on in reality over there. Thank you all

Catholics who have large families tend to be those who are loyal to the Holy Father and the Teaching of the Magisterium.

IOW, they don’t use artificial methods of birth control and open their hearts to have the number of children God plans for them to have. Relying on God’s Providence has a lot to do with it.

Unfortunately, there are too many Catholics, of the cafeteria kind (pick and choose what to accept), who try to justify the use of artificial birth control to limit the size of their family for various reasons.

This is not a judgment, merely a statement of fact from my observation and experience.

Where I live, in Southern California, it seems that most families have about 3 to 4 children. People who have only 1 child are about as unusual as people who have 7.

3 to 4 is good number i guess…i personally love even more…but it’s about money…if i want to raise children in a decent way that is …

we see on Tv some American shows where men take DNA tests to know who is the father of a certain child cuz the mom is not sure ecc which gives a pretty bad idea about values…is this kind of lifestyle widespread in USA? sorry but living in Middle East we tend to associate things with what we see on tv :o

I have never personally known anyone who would be in that situation, but I guess it does happen. I really doubt that it is common, although more common here than there I am sure.

Still though, one thing to keep in mind is that what ends up on TV is what is unusual and out of the ordinary. Another good reason why we don’t watch TV.

No, it’s not very widespread. Things like that certainly do happen, but not with the kind of frequency shown on Jerry Springer. Extramarital sex, however, is much more common than chastity. But it is more common that this takes place in the context of serial monogamy.

Ick please don’t think all Americans are like those seen on the Jerry Springer show (or ones like his)!

Yes there are women who had bad values and don’t know who the father of their child is, but they are not the average person. Shows like that tend to do one of two things:

  1. They advertise to find the few people who meet some crazy conditions so that their show will be extreme enough to upset people. (Did you ever see at the end of it they say stuff like “Are you or someone you know struggling because you are a transexual gay? Call us now!”) they offer nice deals for people willing to go on TV and say crazy things too. Most offer free airfare to visit the city the show is filmed in, Hotel accomidations, free transportation and free food while there.

  2. Some of them even pay actors to pretend they are dealing with those sorts of issues because they couldn’t find any real people to meet ther nutty premise for a show.

Think of the most extreame people you ever heard of in your country and those are the ones who’d be on a talk show like you describe. Do they exist? Sure! Is it most of the people on your block? Not even close. I know a couple of women who had children when not married. That is not looking good for American values. On the other hand, the only ones I ever heard of who didn’t know who the father was, well, they were on the show you mentioned. The majority of Single-Parents I know are single parents because of divorce, not pre-marital sex.

wow what a relief…good to hear this !! thanx! i hope Christian family values will remain strong over there despite the secularism you’re living in ! even in here it started :o but much much less than over there…

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