Is it very wise to attend a nondenominational bible study?

Three non denominational people came up to me today and tried to convert me to their religion. They pretty much just attacked the Catholic church saying that we praise idols, that we took the 2nd commandment out of the commandments, and that we weren’t meant to ever create a church. I tried my best to support where they were wrong and why the church is the way it is, but had a hard time defending some things. All three of the evangelists were converted from Catholicism to this non denominational Christianity. I’m afraid that they were converted because of lack of understanding or knowledge of the church. I asked the holy spirit to give me the right words when I talked to them, but I cant help but feel that I could have told them more. They invited me to a bible study. Do you think it’s very smart for me to attend?

It is quite clear that the intention of the “Bible study” is to convert Catholics away from the Church. So I would not recommend attending.

In general, ecumenical Bible studies an be difficult. As Catholics we believe that tradition is indispensable for interpreting the Bible, whereas most Protestants would reject tradition as a lens for Biblical interpretation. So we have an irreconcilable difference with Protestants that goes right to the core of how to understand the Bible.

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