Is it weird that I, a Protestant, asked St Dymphna for help and feel that she gave it?

I was having some bad mood swings and read she’s the patron saint of nervous or mental disorders. I did a Novena to her and read the prayer that’s on her card, and felt instantly calm. I seriously didn’t get grumpy or anything a couple of days.

I got distracted the past couple of day and didn’t do the prayers and had a not so good time with my moods. I really feel she helps my mood swings and all.

Is it weird even though I’m not a Catholic at this moment I feel she’s helped me a bunch?



Dear Kat,

Of course, it was the Lord who has helped you, but as the result of St. Dymphna’s prayers. There is nothing wrong with a Protestant asking for prayers from a saint in heaven.

Since you seem so comfortable asking for such prayer, perhaps the Lord is drawing you to the Catholic Church. You are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P>

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