Is it weird that I want to go to Mass tonight if I'm going tomorrow?

Okay, so today has been a really slow day with nothing to do, so I asked my mom if she would take me to church later on tonight at 5:30. Is it weird if I go tonight? What if people ask why I’m there alone? Do I just tell them I felt like coming because I had nothing to do today? Is this ignorant to go just because I want to go?

-From a very bored 14 year old.-

I don’t think it’s weird at all. In fact, when I’m bored I find it’s the best time to pray and focus on spiritual things.

God bless! :thumbsup:

No, that’s a wonderful idea! Not weird at all. I’m going off to college next fall and you bet I’m going to mass every day:D

Just a suggestion, maybe in the future you could go to adoration too? If you’re lucky your church will have a perpetual adoration and so whenever you’re bored you can spend some time with Jesus

Its not strange at all. Many people make a practice of attending Mass daily. Attending Mass once a week is only the minimum amount of attendance that is required of us.

It’s not weird, it’s wonderful!


Nah thats not wierd
I’m fifteen and I love going to mass. Sometimes I dont have time to go more than twice a weeks but uno…
good for you.
If anyone asks why your alone say “Am I not allowed to be in the house of my lord by myself?” Lol or something nicer…I would say that :thumbsup:

I doubt anyone would ask. I like going to several different weekend Masses, too, and hearing what different priests have to say about the Gospel message. No one has ever noticed or commented. :slight_smile:

its not weird! sometimes i go to mass 5x a week. i would go every day if i could but as many know…thats hard to do. I find sometimes that i feel called to be there! Its a great feeling. I really doubt anyone will ask why your alone. I go to mass by myself every time I go and no one has once asked me ‘wheres your family’ or something like that…

god bless and keep going!

Why would anyone wonder why you’re there alone? I live alone, and have definitely been known to go to both Vigil and Sunday Mass on occasion. As well as the occasional (less so now that I’m working full-time, sadly) weekday Mass.

If anyone is so rude as to say anything, just say ‘I’m here because I want to be with Jesus - aren’t you?’

I go to church 2-3 times during the week for daily mass with my baby after I drop off my oldest.

If only more bored 14 yo would go to church more often. I applaud you for wanting to go to church more often. :smiley:

Nothing wrong with going to Mass. Remember we are limited to receiving communion 2 times in one day. Bless you.

Nothing even remotely weird about it. Go, be happy you are called, and enjoyr it.

Amen! I’m twenty and I personally would love to see more young people at mass, especially alone.

That’s wonderful that you want to go more than the minimum requirement, God bless you!

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