Is it worse when a man hits a woman?

Unless for self defense, sport, or military training, I think we can all agree that hitting anyone is wrong, regardless of who you are.

But is there something particularly nasty about a man hitting a woman? Is that more wrong than a man hitting a man, a woman hitting a man, and a woman hitting a woman? Or exactly the same?

I think a man hitting a woman is more wrong because men were given stronger/bigger physical bodies and they should use that God given strength to protect those who are weaker, not hurt them. With great power comes great responsibility and all that. Hitting anyone is ugly. But hitting someone who is smaller and weaker than you, is uglier. Especially if you were specifically given that strength as a duty, in order to protect them.


I agree, because in general, the male physical properties are more geared towards strength than female bodies. It’s seen all over the animal kingdom, that, in general, the male is larger and heavier than the female (mostly due to testosterone).

Similar to how a boxer or other professional fighter is held to higher criminal/legal punishments for fighting or striking a non-professional (their fists can be considered “more deadly” than the average Joe), aggressive male physical contact with a woman should be considered worse than the other way around.

Yes. It’s worse. Much worse. Practically the physicality of it in general is something to consider. We played a little game the other night where I had my kids and wife “give it thier best shot”. It didn’t even hurt. My wife said it was as hard as she could hit. Had I employed any sort of retaliation even at 60 percent I could probably have killed her.

I am a fan of women learning martial arts. Too often though a kickboxing class at the gym gives a false sense of technique and safety.

It most certainly is.

If that woman is his mother then he breaks two commandments in a single act.

As a catholic old enough to have been raised in a the patriarchy which defined obligations on both genders and the notion of chivalry, modesty and fidelity. I agree, as stated- men must control their emotions given their greater size/force.

As a member of the modern society which no longer acknowledges any such system. No, they’re both just as wrong. We’re all equal.

Both are just as wrong. But most men are physically stronger than most women, and that’s why it is worse when a man hits a woman.

But just to be clear, it is wrong for both.

Oh, You guys are crazy… :eek::eek::eek:

YES, hitting a woman by a man is way more WRONG than otherwise!

It is not just because a man is stronger! It is because it is against the complementarity of men and women to each other!

A man (a REAL man!) is supposed to defend his woman. And all the women in general.

Hitting a woman is an ABSOLUTELY unnatural act. :frowning:

Women are more emotional by their nature, and sometimes they can not make their position heard unless by slapping a man. But a true man will never respond.

Of course, one might be under severe affect, stress, loss of self-control in doing this. But objectively it remains a horrible deed, unworthy of a man.

This is why videos like this one: - are just outrageous. :mad:

We recently had a case reported here in the UK where a woman regularly abused and hit her new husband with her fists and with heavy objects - ironically, he was a solicitor who would have known his rights under the law. He didn’t retaliate and felt he couldn’t leave her, for whatever reason.

In the end, she stabbed the poor man to death in their home and after his death, his body was found to have evidence of dozens of injuries. It does happen. She wasn’t a big woman, either.

Most cases of domestic violence are men against women, but sometimes men are the victims. It’s despicable either way.

This is the case when the man actually allowed himself to be abused.

Abuse, whether it is physical or verbal is wrong. Sometimes a physical blow does less damage to an individual that a verbal assault. I have known men and women who have, through verbal abuse, destroyed lives around them. A vicious person can destroy a weaker person with words and well as fists.

Yes, it is absolutely wrong for both. The only justification for hitting someone is self-defense- which applies equally to both sexes.

As a catholic, I would expect a man to restrain himself even if being hit by a woman (or for that matter someone much smaller than himself as well). Disengage from the situation and end the relationship vice being physical themselves.

However, given modern society’s insistence on equality- if attacked physically by a women, well, I don’t see any reason for a man to utilize restraint.

Physical abuse isn’t just a man on woman problem, studies have found it’s just as prevalent going the other way-- i.e. women hitting men, but far less likely to be reported, and even less likely to have charges filed. However, I suspect, although the studies Gq.d read don’t go into it, that the actual injuries suffered are less by men than women due to size/strength difference.

It’s equally wrong. A man may be able to do more physical damage, but that doesn’t change anything - nobody should hit anybody, unless in self-defence.


Thanks for the responses everyone. For the record, of course I think it is wrong either way. But I do think a man hitting a woman is worse.

Think about it this way… if your 12 year old boy got in trouble at school for getting into a disagreement during recess and breaking Johnny’s nose, would you be just as equally appalled as you would be if he broke Brittany’s? Be honest.

I would be far angrier if he hit a girl. We teach that is a absolute no no in our house. However, in martial arts or some sports hitting a girl/woman is part of the game or training.

To be fair, a woman MMA fighter would have a greater moral break if she hit me outside of a sparring or sport related activity.

I’d be appalled either way. Violence should not be accepted for any reason other than self defence, and it shouldn’t be made into levels of “this or that”. If I ever had a child who broke someone’s nose, I wouldn’t be interested in who or why, I’d be more interested in why they thought they could punch a person in the face.


I’d be appalled either way too, don’t get me wrong. And as I said I agree that violence is never accepted, always wrong except for self defense, etc etc. (I hope you don’t think I’m saying otherwise.)

BUT… I’d be lying if I said I’d be equally appalled by my son breaking the nose of a Johnny verses that of a Brittany.

I don’t agree. Just because a man can be stronger doesn’t mean they always are. In fact very few men have the genes necessary to have physiques that we would consider “strong”.

There is a disturbing trend of young people using the argument of equality as a justification for abusing women. There is no excuse for a man ever raising a hand to a woman short of self defense in a situation where you are in imminent danger of loss of life. Period.

The gender equality debate is nothing more than a sleazy rationalization for men to hit women. There are differences between the sexes, as much as people want to pretend that there aren’t. Life isn’t equal. One difference is that men do not hit women.

To say otherwise is offensive to civilized society.


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