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So I had a few folks question me about the church and say the catholic church has one of the largest number of child abuse cases and the church doesn’t seem to do much about it. Hence, it is evil.

Does anyone have stats about how the church has dealt with these cases? Any help will be appreciated.

Start by reading the USCCB’s Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.

Then, take a look at this study by the Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate. Although it discusses Catholics’ perceptions of the clergy sexual abuse scandal, it also discusses the steps the Church has taken in response to the scandal, and provides statistics about the numbers of clerics involved (less than 5% of the clergy; most cases prior to 1985 – see p. 31 and following).

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The only reasons that the numbers are higher in the Catholic Church is because it is the largest church and because the media hones in on it. Most statistics that have compared sexual abuse across denominational lines have actually found lower rates of abuse in the Catholic church than in many Protestant denominations and lower than in the public school system. Not to say that any abuse is OK or that statistics somehow excuse it happening even once, but it is very unfair the way it has been painted as a Catholic problem and the way priests have been maligned as potential abusers by association.

The sad thing about the media is that the church investigating allegations and cooperating with authorities to bring about justice buts the issue in the limelight. When they do what is right in this situation, it creates another story for the media to feed on and accuse them of doing wrong. At least the church is attempting to root our problems, bring offenders to justice, and take steps to prevent abuse now that they have learned some of the ways they went wrong in the past.

By comparison, I grew up in an Independent Fundamentalist Baptist group where physical and sexual abuse were pretty rampant and offenders covered for each other, victims were blamed for their own abuse, and victims and their parents were intimidated into not speaking up or pressing charges. There was no hierarchy or denominational oversight and abusers can, did, and do keep right on preaching and working with youth or move from church to church in different areas as people start asking questions. The denomination doesn’t tend to have much money and isn’t high profile, so the media and even law enforcement has ignored this pattern for years. Several major figures in these groups have resigned due to sexual abuse allegations or charges, and even one to jail because of them, in the past few years, but the cases have barely hit the media and have been covered as isolated incidents not as a pattern. Some other Protestant groups have similar things happening - people on the inside know cases are related, but they are not reported as such because they are not as easy to group together as the Catholic Church is.

The problem is when homosexuals in power cover up for those who follow their lifestyle. We’ve seen Bishops get smashed for these kinds of things. To think that there isn’t a homosexual power or sect within the Church that needs to be eradicated is to be ignorant.

Either way, the problem isn’t as bad as what occurs in other settings. However, this is the Church of Jesus Christ. It’s not a school, it’s not a doctor’s office, or whatever else made up of common people. These are clergy who were ordained by those whose power was handed down from the Apostles and by Jesus himself. They are entrusted with the well being of countless souls who when they do these things scandalize many of the faithful. How could anyone as a priest be knowledgeable that their actions led to the loss of many souls and have no fear of facing God at judgement? That their actions also cast a bad light on those orthodox priests who take their vows seriously and do all that they can to uphold what they know to be right.

The clergy must be held to a higher standard and we cannot make excuses for them. It is up to the Bishops to come down harshly on these men both heterosexual and homosexual who defy their vows of chastity, especially in ways of perversions such as pedophilia. There should be no tolerance for this nonsense.

The Catholic church also feeds people around the world.
The Catholic church also saves people’s lives in its hospitals.
The Catholic church as done a LOT of good.

It’s amazing how a handful of negatives can out weight thousands of positives.

If these people are looking for a group of people who have no bad people who have done bad things amongst them - well, you’re just not going to find it.

God bless you, Tzimisce.

There is a good book called
"How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization: by Thomas Woods
if you’d like to read up on the good. :thumbsup:

Remember that the Church is made up of people who are flawed.
The Church herself is not to blame. People overcome by the prince of lies are to blame.
We need to constantly pray for our religious.
They suffer greatly because of the actions of a few.

I have no suggested sites, but can say that the media grabs hold of wrong doing of the Catholic Church more than any other in my opinion. It is because she is very large and visible. But do not be mistaken, there is not one other Church or Faith that does not bear the same burden with sexual misconduct and failure to properly address it. We just don’t get to hear about it that much.

Does anyone have the link to a website that has actual statistics on these types of convictions, comparing the per cent of Catholic priests versus other ministers throughout the US?

I lost my bookmarks and can’t find that page again.

Why should the Church be judged by the actions of those who go *against *Church teaching? The Church should be judged by those who best follow what the Church teaches… the saints.

Does anyone have stats about how the church has dealt with these cases? Any help will be appreciated.

Google “stop baptist predators” and “reformation (.) com” some good info on those two sites

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